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What **** is that. well it’s a WV-1E.

February 26, 2020 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1.9K

This is my take on the sole WV-2E[EC-121L] an experimental aircraft with probably the first to use a rotating radome, later seen on the E-2 and E-3 AWAC. it housed an APS-82 radar, a program that eventually canceled. It first flew in 1956.

Submitted for your approval. Just suppose your driving along in the late fifties and you look up and see this thing flying around the sky and considering the UFO sightings and all the sci-fi movies and TV shows of the time, you might convince your self that you actually saw a flying saucer. Makes you reconsider all that hysteria about little green men.

The kit is a Minicraft NC-121 kit, it doesn't have much detail. in does include parts for the standard EC-121 Morning star aircraft. the rotodome was donated from my old Revell E-3 AWAC kit. which I made into a Pan Am 720 awhile ago.

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7 responses

  1. OMG...I had to laugh at the opening line! Well done Robert. Well done!


  2. Nicely done Robert.

  3. Great job Robert - wonderfully futuristic!

  4. Well done! Shame to take the elegant lines of the Connie and slap that big dome on the back! Guess they had to start somewhere...

  5. Cool subject and nice finish. I agree with Greg that putting the dome on what is one of the most beautiful aircraft ever produced is like desecrating a piece of fine art.

  6. Great subject Robert but I have to agree with Greg and Dale

  7. Nicely done Robert can't say I've ever seen a model of this type before.

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