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Hasegawa 1/48 Hs 129B-2

March 19, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 ≡

A very good kit, especially considering it's age. A lazy paint job on my part... no effort at topside shading/weathering, etc. I'm not such a fan of the Eastern front or Schlachtgeschwaderen, but it's a twin and not something you see every day.

Fellow modelers... take note- a great method of reducing the stash is to build the danged things! 'Been stumbling across this denizen of my stash for 20 years or more. Finally used a set of Moskit exhausts and a copyright 2000, UN-painted P-E cockpit set, paid for dearly in the previous century! Current self quarantine/social distancing requirement is most conducive to model building, so we should all take advantage!

Got glue?

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  1. Great results! No complaints from here, so far as the camo goes. I always loved the tank busting cannon strapped to the bottom of these.

    I built this same kit years ago, but it was handpainted, though still with camo. I still remember how well everything fit, since it was worlds above the average kits I built. I have it still, but I believe it's missing a few parts..

  2. Yes indeed, modeling is an activity best undertaken at home, alone.

    Nice work on this.

  3. This plane just looks fantastic and your model looks amazing Staan. Nice exhaust stains. I wish i could do them half as good.
    All the best!

  4. Very tidy duck billed tank buster

  5. Very nice indeed, especially the splinter camo. Was this Germany's answer to the Bristol Beaufighter?

  6. Your "lazy" paint jobs are better that 98% of others. Very sharp build as per usual. Always liked the old 129, specially this 30 mm armed one. Nice carpet.

  7. A great-looking build! I've got one of these platypus-billed birds in my stash (1/72), and who knows how many of my stash I can get too before "social distancing" comes to an end!

  8. Fantastic looking model. Like others have pointed out - incredible looking exhaust stains. Great looking bird! The only Hs129 I've built was the older ESCI kit, which looked okay on the outer profile but close up didn't have half the detail.

    Just for knowledge, what are the white bands on the right side of the canopy for? Are they some sort of angle of attack gauge?

    Again great looking model.

    • Ja. I'm guessing they were more for dive bombing as the 129 was developed for general purpose ground attack. Although, could well have something to do with canon projectile drop rate... I know squat about ballistics.

  9. At first I thought the dive angle markings were supposed to be nylon zip ties tucked under something INSIDE the cockpit! I don't know about a lazy paint job, this looks real nice. I build mine like they were well cared for warbirds (usually) so I like your finish here. Nice paint but some exhaust staining proving it's not a static museum exhibit! Well done. Now I'm off to read about it because it is an unknown plane to me! (Also, with the Hs designation my brain immediately thinks "Hispano Suiza" although I know that's not the case.)

  10. Thanks to all for kind comments!

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