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Volvo LM 841 (weathering & diorama commission work)

April 3, 2020 · in Automotive · · 14 Comments

I was given a brand new Volvo LM 841 to weather as well as make a small vignette, for a friend of mine, Rickard Algotsson. I decided to give this 1:50 scale model a go. It's a beautiful model with great details. Surprisingly enough, it is not made completely out of metal but the body part is mostly plastic. The arm connectors and joints, and all the small details are made from metal. An amazing piece, I must say. The only addition in respect to details is the antenna.I painted the hydraulic coupling ends silver to give the appearance of actual couplings and painted the exhaust stack, silver as well. I weathered the folks using a combination of rust, smoke to make the forks look rusty, like most of the reference photos I saw. For the rest of the model I used the sponge technique, very carefully, all over the model.

As this was a 1:50 scale, I had to try and control my hand movements as this was a smaller scale compared to what I was used to. The results is what you see. I've posted the original model, before weathering, and photos after the weathering was completed. I think, with the great details the model has already, I've managed to enhance them, making them pop even more.

40 additional images. Click to enlarge.

14 responses

  1. That is some of the most realistic weathering I have seen on the tyres and wheels .

  2. Impressive! As always... Love seeing your work.

  3. That's fantastic, Charles! When I saw the first photo, I thought it was an actual photo of a REAL Volvo LM, you posting it, so we could see your progress along the weathering... Then I realized it was your model! Astonishing work!
    All the best and stay safe!

  4. Always amazed Charles. I grew up working on my granddads farm - driving tractors and other farm equipment - from all eras. Your detail and weathering work is just perfect - it would be simple to mistake many of these pics for the real deal. When I see these more farm-like models that you create, it almost brings on nostalgia!

  5. Charles @tiking, as others have stated, you nailed the weathering on this! Being in the Oil industry I am frequently around heavy equipment, seeing it in pristine condition and after it has been in use for a time. Very realistic.

    Well done!

  6. Once again, Charles, you have proven that you are the weathering master. This one absolutely nails it.

  7. Nicely done! You are the king of rust, looks like one we had on the job.

    • Thanks Robert. I always have a photo of the real thing, when I do themes like this. Always try to mimic reality as close as possible. Glad u lile it. Thanks.

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