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Mitsubishi F-1

April 28, 2020 · in Aviation · · 18 Comments

, out of box build. Painted with Mr color paints, modelmaster and alclad metallics. Platz decals.

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18 responses

  1. An excellent build of a very charming plane, Joseph! It is definitely in my wish list.
    All the best!

  2. That is a really nice build. I really like your finish work. Subtle and looks in my eye just right.

  3. Real nice work on this Joseph. I like how clean it is with just subtle signs of use. The camouflage is nice and tight and your metal shading around the engines is superb. As I'm looking at it with the panel lines shaded, the spot where the canopy would be on a T-2 really catches my eye. I wonder what the commonality of parts is between the two, because it looks like the trainer canopy could be put directly in place there! (Although the bow supporting the pilot's canopy is solid instead of having windows.) I also wonder if Mitsubishi worked with SEPECAT as the F-1/T-2 is so similar to the Jaguar.

    • Indeed the T-2/F-1 are very similar to the Jaguar (they even use the same engines!). Japan were negotiating with SEPECAT, for license producing the Jaguar, but for some reasons they went nowhere. So they developed the T-2, being influenced of -, extremely resembling - but not a copy of - the Jaguar. It seems that the relationships with SEPECAT were not the best after failing to negotiate about the Jaguar, so one can assume that Japanese designers were pretty much on their own. It is of interest though that RR Turbomeca agreed to allow them license build the Adour engines.

      Amazing stories, amazing planes. Cheers my friend @jpatt1000!

    • Thank you
      I agree with Spiros that it may resemble the jaguar in layout but it is a totally different japanese aircraft design.
      Essentially the F.1 was a T.2, having the second cockpit covered becoming an avionics bay.

  4. Beautifully done!

  5. Joseph, I always thought this was a very nice/sleek looking aircraft. Your build looks wonderful. Well done !

  6. Very nice Joseph. I have always loved the lines of the F-1.



  7. Whew - I really like that one also, and believe it or not, I've got one on-deck! Will use yours as a reference! Superb clean build - looks fantastic.

  8. I love your paintwork.

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