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Vintage Revell M-35 – 1/40 scale

I had purchased this MIlitaty scale kit probably before 1980, and first built in 1996. This kit was injected in 1969 in Brazil by A. Kikoler company, but first produced in 1958 in USA.
The model had the rubber tires literally melting themselves, that was a pity due its value to me and to my good memories, and so I decided to do a restoration.
First I tried to find the original tires or ones in resin, but seems they don't exist in the market. So I went do reproduce the tires in resin, using some of the originals in good condition as masters to mold. Besides new tires I washed with a brush and soap, and finally new decals, some weathering, applied clear coat and a new base. I kept the figures the same way.

The result was quite reasonable, and the truck earned a new life in my shelf.

Thanks to my friend Emídio for your lesson about moulding parts.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

6 responses

  1. Nice work, Roberto! I'm no armory expert, but your model looks really cool! I love the lease of life process. It' s a bid saddish to see old kits dying away.
    All the best, my friend and stay safe!

  2. A great blast from the past! Nice restoration. I built one way back when I was young.

  3. Seems to be a big week for vintage kits and they are all coming up a treat. Great build

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