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Another weathered 1:50 Scale Truck Commission

Yep! It's another 1:50 scale commission job from the same customer, who commissioned the truck dock/bay. The customer partner, Tobias Oscarsson, has the exact same truck in real life. This time, its a simple weathering job. I decided to go [...]

Medium Logistics Vehicle Wheeled MLVW

This is the Canadian Army’s now Retired. 6 wheel drive standard medium troop transport. Complete scratch built. They were built by Bombardier in the 1980s. They are based off of the Late American M35A3 truck. This model is built from the [...]

1:50 DHL Accident Snow Diorama Update

I've updated this diorama moving the trailer slightly more inward and adding hydraulic cables and snow here and there. I've always added or tried to mimic melted ice on the roads, in certain areas. You can see them in a few photos. I also [...]

1:50 Scale DHL Truck Accident (90% finished)

Yep, its's another 1:50 job in the works. Rikard Algotsson has Commission me, to build another 1:50 scale diorama. This time a snow diorama. Now this is my first snow diorama has I have never felt comfortable about doing one due to the [...]

1:50 Scale Vignette Display

Something different. Just completed a display diorama for a customer. The scale display, is 1.2m x 0.40m x 0.40m in dimension. It is mostly for displaying 1:50 scale truck models, at exhibitions. I have come a long way and have done a lot [...]

Beavertail Transport - Complete

Ok guys, here are the final complete photos of this build. I decided not to add a vehicle, as I could not decide. So it will stay like this until something pops into my head. At least the focus is on the transport alone. 😉 The list [...]

Trumpeter 1/35 9k58 Smerch MRLS

Happy new year everyone ! Here is Trumpeter 1/35 Smerch with Figure from Miniarts. Painted in Russian Camo according to their manual. Painted with paintbrush and acrylic color + oil weathering. A lot of photoetched parts to make fenders [...]

Truck Overload

Like my last overload project this one takes things a little further. The scale is 1/35, simply because, I had this vehicle on hand, that I did not know what to do with it. So I turn it from being a military truck to a civilian vehicle [...]

The M972F with a ‘burnt out’ excavator

This is a heavy modification of the M915 kit from Trumpeter. As always I decided to spice things up a bit as usual. I wanted to do something different. So, I kit-bashed the trailer and tractor that came in the kit, to bring forth this [...]

Tyre Haul