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Folland Gnat T.1 1/72

May 20, 2020 · in Aviation · · 9 Comments


don't take it too serious. It's just a kind of joke you know.
An ultimate fiction made from the new kit of that famous British trainer.
Just a few words about the story behind: I asked my wife about the liveries offered by the kit and she found them boring, so I decided to make something little bit more interesting. The canopy wasn't perfect showing lots of scratches and lacking of transparency. I polished it with too much passion I think - and it led me to the crack. I tried to order the spare one but the waiting time in current siuation is unpredictable, so I decided to build a small diorama around that crack.

So, the diorama agenda is it's just a seasoned trainer aircraft showing heavy signs of wear and tear, written off and waiting for being scrapped at the end of the airfield. And it has been sligtly damaged by sudden storm.

Enjoy and have fun.:)

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9 responses

  1. Well now that's one creative way to save a cracked canopy. I like it

    • Hey Tom,
      pleased to see that you liked my idea.:)

      This approach definitely makes sense when you have to pay more than the whole kit price to cover the postage of the spares, and waiting time is unknown.:)

  2. Yeah that's pretty cool!

  3. Nice save! Looks great.

  4. Really great work and an excellent idea for using a broken piece!


  5. Kinda makes you feel sorry for the old girl!

  6. An imaginative build! Looks great.

  7. Nice diorama idea, Alado. Model and diorama are equally beautifully made.
    All the best!

  8. Very ingenious!

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