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Review: 2019 IN REVIEW-A Year and an end to a Decade

So after several attempts finally got it too post. So lets end 2019. It was rather an ambitious plan to build at least 12 models several in Group Builds others just to add variety and planned before any GB's. I was able to actually start all but 2 of them, added a couple of more unplanned builds. Some were completed and the rest are in progress.

2019 was a good year for building. I am can be slow and meticulous in my builds, hence the several year it took to build the Tam . And it take me a bit longer to complete the Betty. The year also was good in that I bought more kits this year than to build, haven't done that in awhile, but the new kits from ICM, among others made it a banner year with more to come in 2020.

The 1st kit is the original 1/72nd B-26B , despite it's age it was a decent kit with an interior that was enhanced with Eduards PE parts. The quality of the molds were not perfect with sink holes, flash and the technology of the 70's. All in all a fun kit to build. Airfix has since produced a new mold of the B-26. Nice that they have started doing this along with brand new mold in 72nd and 48th scale.

Next is the 1/48th Mitsubishi A6m2 Type 21 Zeke was for the "At The Movies GB", similar scheme that was portrayed in the movie The Final Countdown, which has the USS Nimitz go back in time and end up in the Pacific on 6 Dec 1941, good movie and a nice air to air sequence with the F-14A Tomcat vs the Zeke.

As part of a planned build for my on going Desert Storm project in 48th and 72nd scale, is the excellent 1/72nd Hasegawa F-111D. Don't pay attention to the lower rear strakes for some reason they are backwards, I have since fixed that after the pics were taken.

The was a fun kit to build. Despite all the neat detail parts this kit has compared to the very good kit. It is completed but saving this for a special presentation in 2020.

Next another At the Movies project, this time from the movie Kelly's Heroes is one of 4 ground pounder vehicles in the dio that I will build for this vignette. Is the Italeri 1/35th scale GMC 2 1/2 ton 6x6 cargo truck.

Another DS project in 72nd is the Italeri OH-58D Kiowa US Army, with the update interior set which is basically the interior, seats, and instrument panel.

The Betty was next in line for the Tamiya builds, a project started in 2018. A fun kit to build, it is quite large and not much smaller than the Lancaster. A lot of the philosophy that Tamiya is now known for in ease of assembly is in this kit.

Back to the 2nd vehicle for the Kelly's Heroes movie is Tamiya's 1/35th scale Jeep. This is not the same kit from the 70's, this is an updated version that build a bit different than the original one, again, a fun little kit of the iconic WWII Jeep.

Finally the Douglas F-4D Skyray, another fun build from Tamiya. And a nice change in building a colorful USN Gull Gray over White scheme.

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  1. Great list and builds, Chuck. Happy 2020!

  2. Thanks Gary, Happy New Year!

  3. Really good looking builds Chuck!

  4. Looks like you have had a very productive year Chuck. These all look very good, and that's hard to do. Happy New Year my friend.

  5. Great builds Chuck! Getting ready to watch Navy in their bowl game here in a bit!

  6. Well done Chuck, happy new year !

  7. Great work Chuck - Happy New Year!

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