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FW190 D9 Tamiya 1/48

May 26, 2020 · in Aviation · · 18 Comments

Hello all. Firstly thank you very much for the warm welcome to the site and for your encouraging comments on my first post.
This is my second build and also my favourite WWII fighter.
It is the first time I have added antenna wire to a model. I used EZ line and painted it black. It was also my first attempt at weathering with oil paints. Unfortunately it didn't go well. I wiped most of it looked so easy on YouTube!
Overall I'm pleased with the result but I learned a few things the hard way with this one. I have enough 190s in my stash to make Hermann Göring envious so I have plenty of opportunities to improve!

Thanks for checking it out.

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18 responses

  1. It looks great for a second attempt.
    Wiring has turned out very well also.
    For my first attempt on antenna wiring I used horse hair, that looks nice also but is very difficult to glue.
    Your weathing has turned out great as well, especially the chipping on the wing.
    Nice job.

  2. That's a beautiful looking Dora, Ben!
    Nicely put together.
    Painting, decalling and weathering are first class.
    I do as you did with oil paints: wipe most of them away to the direction of the airflow. The subtle remains is what I like, as I am not very fond of "heavy" oiling, unless we are talking of a well used fully operational Corsair in the Pacific, its maintenance personnel not having the time to clean it!
    EZ line was a success too.
    Waiting for the next one!
    All the best!

  3. Very nice second kit. I know next to nothing about weathering but who knows, perhaps I too will wander down that road one day :).

    A word on antennawire; I use Uschi van der Rosten, and my guess is it is more or less the same as EZ-line? When installing the wire, it is worth to remember that the top wire is almost always straight as can be. The wire from there and down into the back of the beast will most likely be loose so that it does not pull too much in the top when in-flight. There are however always exceptions, and it is worth checking reference photos if available. At least this is true for the many 109's I have build - there is some special arrangement on 190's that will either make the wires loose when the canopy is open, or keeping it straight in most cases. For the 109 the top wire is held by springs and always straight, even with the hood open.

    Sorry - that got a bit long, but it was all meant as friendly advice, nothing more, and that said I really like the result of your build! Well done!

  4. The Fw 190 family are my favourite aircraft as well.
    Another great build.

  5. Well done. One breed I've never built. Like Erik, I use Uschi van der Rosten

  6. Nicely done Ben, she looks the part to me. For antenna I've always tend to use nylon thread.

  7. Looks good to me, I like the long nose 190's. Yours looks nice, I like the colors. the gray-violet that was in use towards the end of the war is a cool color. For years I used stretch sprue for antenna's. They could look okay but inevitably they would break, sometimes just by looking at them. I use monopoly type thread, smoked color. This stuff takes to cyano glues like a duck to water. Pre-drill with a #80 where you want it to go, dip the end in your glue put in the hole and it usually sets nearly instantly. You can tighten up a little slack with a little heat an no paint required because it is tinted a light gray already. I am sure you can get lots of ideas from here for them. Good luck and keep posting your nice looking builds.

  8. Looks great! I also use Uschi - already black!

  9. Ben, This looks terrific, especially for your second build. I've just gotten back into this hobby about six months ago and haven't attempted antenna wire yet. So not only is this 190 a nice product, it's also an inspiration! Thanks for the pictures.

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