Hobby Craft 1:48 Scale Morane-Saulnier Ms-406C

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Hobby Craft kits... What can I say that hasn't already been said? Soft on detail, shape issues, sometimes out and out incorrect... However, they did subjects that many other main stream manufacturers did not, or would not do. While the kits left a lot to be desired, they sold because they were different.

I had a whole bunch of these in my stash, and as better kits became available, sold them off here and there. I still had this one, because it was separated from the others. At a show in NJ, I found a True Details cockpit and wheels, and that's how this project went forward.

Surprisingly, in spite of the kits shortcomings, the overall fit was pretty decent. Very little putty was used and the major parts all lined up well. That made me very happy

I used the True Details cockpit, Quickboost weapons and Aeromaster decals. The wheels did not look right with the pitch of the landing gear. I would up grinding down the kit's wheels to give them the appearance of weight. I drilled the exhaust stubs, and used the mixed paints I had left over from the Tamiya D-520.

Considering the kit, I am pretty happy with the result. Markings are for a machine flown by French 'Ace', Pierre LeGloan, GC III/6. LeGloan was flying this machine when he shot down a German Dornier Do-17P reconnaissance aircraft, on 23 November, 1939. It was the first of his eighteen victories.

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  1. Nice result with this dinosaur, Freddie.

  2. That's a great result, Frederick! I have the same built, OOB and I can clearly see your superior work and the boosting extras, resulting in a beautiful model.
    All the best!

  3. Absolutely a nice result, Frederick.

  4. What a nice Morane, you did a great work with this kit. This plane has to strangest wheel dihedral ever, it just looks that the whole thing will collapse when touching the ground. Hope that new MS kit will be as nice as their Bloch family

  5. Congrats! you made a bad kit look good. I'm working on the Dora Wings Bloch 151 now. Really nice kit. Parts are somewhat unconventional with a 15 part wing/wheel well assembly but all fit together well. Really looking forward to the MS 406 as all previous kits had inaccuracies ranging from not bad to atrocious.

  6. Tres bien, Fred!

  7. A great looking build!

  8. Nicely done Fred that camo job really looks nice

  9. wonderful you saw fit to build it

  10. Nicely done! Love unusual subjects, and you don't see many 406's built!

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