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1/35 Academy M1A2 Abrams SEP v2 TUSK II

June 9, 2020 · in Armor · · 4 · 5K

The has always been a challenge for me to model. I've never had a happy time building these, being so infuriated by the old Dragon offering with the separate guide teeth on their floppy, rubbery tracks that I didn't even bother considering trying my hand at one until this kit came out.

I won't comment on the dimensional accuracy of this kit outside of "it looks right" because I'm not an Abrams nut, but I do appreciate the little touches-- like the clear hubcaps on the road wheels to check oil levels. These were promptly covered with weathering, but I still appreciate the gesture.

I prefer woodland camouflage to desert, and when I saw someone had obviously named their tank after Spongebob Squarepants, I had to build this example, which (it's been a few years, forgive me) is from the 2nd Infantry Division, South Korea, mid 2010's.

Optics were chopped up bits of mylar from party decorations, glued onto the outside faces of the clear parts.

Fun! I'd do one again, sure.

"Is this the crusty crab?"

"No, this is Patrick."

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  1. I don't know a lot about tanks but I like what you have done with this.

  2. Looks really great, Wes! I am not an armor guy, but I like its looks and superb build.

  3. Wes @avispa93
    I served in the M-1A1 for a short time. When we first got ours, they were delivered in overall field green, which is the base color for the paint scheme you used for your build. Most of my armor time was spent in the older M-60 series. The unit you depicted was called the "Smoke Bringers" if I remembered it right. They were at Camp Casey / TDC while I served.

    Your Abrams looks very good. Take that as a serious compliment from an old tanker... I think Jeff Bailey would agree. He's another old tread head. I have built the Academy M-1A1, and painted it in the three tone woodland camouflage too. It's a nice kit and my sister gave it to me one year as a birthday gift. Looks like a M-1 to me.


    • Hey thanks! My entire experience with armor in real life was crawling over a Bradley at an air show when I was a kid, so I'm happy to have a stamp of approval 😀

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