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1/72 Airfix Phantom FGR.2 1435 flight, RAF Mount Pleasant 1991

June 6, 2020 · in Aviation · · 9 · 4.3K

G'day all.

Another !

An annoying start followed by a pleasant build for the most part, I'm happy to say that this was an enjoyable project. The kit is built as XV466 ‘D' Desperation while assigned to 1435 flight at Mount Pleasant in 1991.

The most annoying issues with the kit are the fit of the lower wing to the underside of the intake trunks and the fir of the forward canopy section to the nose fuselage. Some judicious plastic removal and fettling had the parts slip into place. Gaps were addressed with the tried and tested recipe of CA glue and talc.

The Skyflash (Sparrows) and Sidewinders are courtesy of Eduard but the rest of it is what you get in the packet. The kit ordnance have fins that are a scale 6 inches wide so this was a must. The yellow seeker head covers on the Sidewinders add some colour to an otherwise muted colour scheme.

I'm frustrated that Airfix still persist with panel lines that really are suited on a 32nd or 24th scale kit. Here in Australia you pay anywhere between $50 - $65 for this kit (25-33 pounds). Comparing kits of similar size and cost you get panel lines that are much more refined. Airfix, if you're listening, please get your act together in this area. There has been much discussion about it. On the plus side, the kit decals were fantastic and reacted well to the Microset/sol combo.

Painting is always the fun part for me. On the kit I used Mr Color lacquers for the camo greys and Alclad for the metal exhaust areas. Looking at photos of period jets and particularly XV466, the greys seemed to lighten over time, almost to the point of almost no contrast between the two topside greys. A variety of weathering products have been used for panel lines and such. You can make out the two tones of greys in the overhead shots.

Cheers, Mick.

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9 responses

  1. That's a lovely Phantom, Michael. Great build on this Airfix kit.
    The camo is fantastic.
    All the best!

  2. The old Phanom looks awsome in its modern grey colours! You made the model into a superb piece, better be proud of the outcome.

  3. Splendid looking Phantom...there is always room for Phantom models here, especially one as good as yours!

  4. Beautiful work! Nice color scheme. I've done their FG.1 and had fit problems around the cockpit also.

  5. Beautiful result. Great work on this.

    But you're right about those panel lines - no "disappearance" under the "proverbial coat of paint."

  6. Very nice build Michael,
    Really do like the weathering on this classic bird.

  7. Very nice cammo paint scheme.

  8. An excellent build - love the mottling you achieved, and the subtly of the variation between the grays is excellent! Beautiful.

  9. Nice one. I have the current airfix offering to build but intend going down the 23 QRA route as based at Stanley when I was out on Mount Alice 84/85. The noisy bastards kept us entertained with trackex and other bone activities. Great aircraft. By and large I lost interest in our jets after the Tornado. Cracking job fella.

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