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1/32 Tamiya F4U-1D

August 11, 2020 · in Aviation · · 26 Comments

My recently completed with a few extras added. Unfortunately the aerial rigging got washed out in the photo, but it's there.
This was a wonderful model to build.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

26 responses

  1. Great looking Corsair! Fantastic interior.

  2. Hey Hey Hey, where have I seen this before, another super build Mark, Love it...

  3. That's a real beauty! Love the variation you achieved with the paint and weathering.

  4. Looks terrific! And to be fair I don’t think the photos do justice to your Corsair, which is a shame. Thumbs up,!

  5. YES-SIR-REEEE! A very nice kit to build and you did a "bang-up" job on it. I also built the kit when it came on the market. Funny why your antenna wire does not show up in any of the photo's as all of my wires show up in my digital images.

    Any ways, a darn good looking model. I'm going to go look at my bird and see how good the wire shows up.

    I have used women's long black hair for my wires for a couple of decades or more.

    Thanks for sharing your model.

    • Thanks Rodney.
      I use an extremely thin copper type wire for the antenna wire and this tends to "disappear" when photographed, but it does show up on some of the photos but only just!

  6. Very nicely done Mark.

  7. Really like that paint.

  8. This is ONE BEAUTIFUL CORSAIR ! I really like it... a whole lot. The details are simply amazing. If you look closely at several of the pictures, you can see the antenna wires. It's not visible in every picture, only some. I especially like the detail work you have done to the sliding canopy. Outstanding build, and it also happens to be my favorite plane...

    • Thanks Louis.
      My good friend and fellow imodeller Marc Barris gave me a few tips on adding the detail to the inside of the canopy and good reference material of course.

  9. Really nice work. Getting all those markings so right is a real achievement. You have done wonders with the weathering of the Glossy Sea Blue. This is definitely one of the best models I have seen created from this kit.

    • Thank you Tom.
      The final paint result took some thought as I did not want to end up with a monotone looking model so the paint was applied in layers using variations of the basic sea blue. I also did not want to end up with a gloss finish but neither a flat finish. I mixed semi matt and matt coats to achieve the finish I was after.

  10. That's a fantastic model, Mark.
    Excellent allaround, painting and weathering even more so!
    As for the inner canopy latches, what can I of art!

  11. Thanks for the kind comments Spiros.

  12. An excelent build, Mark.
    Detailing, expecially the cockpit and canopy, and weathering on this build is looking great.
    Well done.

  13. A beauty for sure. Wonderful work all the way around.

  14. Really nice job, looks great!

  15. Excellent result Mark. And an impressive display piece too.

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