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Douglas A-1H Skyraider – Tamiya 1/48

August 30, 2020 · in Aviation · · 21 · 3K

Today's first post brings another work I've just put some finishing touches onto. The kit is, of course, 's venerable scale "Bumble-Bee boxing". I chose to build this out of the box, as I liked the look of the "Knightriders" outfit.

With regards to the exact authenticity of the build, I know there are some mistakes and even some things I'd do differently in retrospect... but first of all I acknowledge that this loadout is heavy and likely not realistic for a USN , for a number of reasons I won't go into. Regardless, I wanted to show some diversity in the loadout, and I think it looks cool with all three fuel tanks on... So consider my artistic license exercised. πŸ˜‰

The built was very straight-forward, and I encountered no major fit issues, as most people who've built this kit would testify. The only addition I saw fit to provide was seatbelts, and an antenna. Because the kit has an option to pose the slotted flaps and the airbrakes open, I was suckered into opening them up, mainly because I felt that the insides were worth showing off.

Paints used were my usual mix of [primarily] Vallejo, MM, and Tamiya acrylics. All decals used were from the kit. I masked and painted the prop blade tips, instead of using the decals provided. The decals are typical Tamiya thick, but went down OK. Weathering was oil wash as usual. Exhaust stains done using Tamiya Smoke to make the base, then the usual Tamiya weathering pastels to overlay some variations. In this regard I've found that their Rust, Soot, and Snow kit is a great combo for exhaust stains.

Lastly, I have to thank Chuck Villaneuva for coming through and helping me out in a time of need with this kit. I can't thank him enough!

I hope you enjoy!

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  1. That's an outstanding Skyraider build Andrew. My congratulations on a model well done.

  2. Actually that's a pretty good RESCAP loadout. Enough gas to stay on station, and enough ordnance to keep the bad guys' heads down. And that airplane looks dirty enough to be likely safe to fly. (Skyraider pilots have said "if it's too clean, there's something wrong with it.") πŸ™‚

    There's one thing to file under "next time" that we are ALL guilty of, and that's painting bars on the windscreen. After looking at quite a few shots of A-1s while putting together "Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club," I finally realized the three sections of clear are put in there together without any metal framing.

  3. That's a mighty fine Able Dog you've got there. Think the tones in your exhaust are looking nice, dark but not entirely black. I wouldn't mind bit dirt on tank under fuselage and a few smudges of grease on wings next to fuselage. Those engines threw quite a bit of oil.

  4. Awesome looking Skyraider!

  5. πŸ™‚ ... Greetings ... πŸ™‚ :
    That is one fine and decent looking Skyraider model Andrew. Your photography is very well accomplished and fun too look at. Thank for sharing these images.

  6. That's a fine looking Skyraider, Andrew.
    Great paint and weathering job on this one.

  7. That's a great Skyraider, Andrew! I like the weathering a lot!
    It was really nice to hear of the above gents Tom and Stellan corrections. Live and learn!

  8. Good work Andrew, your war load is ok. Nice and well done Skyraider. The exhaust streaks look fine mine are not as dark. But these were never alike as the R-3350 spewed all kinds of oil, leaked but despite that she seemed to get ya home. And it twas nuthin in helping out a fellow modeler. A few of us do like to pay it forward no strings. Several of us have shipped decals, parts and whole kits to help a fellow modeler out. Plenty of good people on here for the most part worldwide. Just one weasel we can live with other than that we have a fine international site to share our joy of building. That is the point to have fun and take artistic license from time to time. Fly Navy

  9. Refreshing to see a Skyraider with out a Hornet on its tail. With radial engines ...they always like to blow a little carbon and oil out the sides. Some good weathering and paint.

    After reading Tom's post and looking at the cockpit photo, the wind screen sections had to be glued or a mastic or something was used to keep everything together. Can't have wind blowing through the wind screen or rain. So rather than painting the seams black for metal ...a light thin application of gray? To represent the joint and of course a photo to educate the judges when showing?

    Two thumbs up .

    • Stephen, thanks. After looking at walk around photos, and even an exterior shot of the bird from the panaroma, seems that there was indeed some sort of bonding agent which appears grey or blackish, keeping in mind the thickness of the glass appears to hide this from the inside. I suspect, as Tom mentions, that this is largely unknown.

  10. That's really a beautiful Skyraider! Paint and weathering look great. Well done.

  11. Very nicely done, Andrew. A great kit and a fun build.

  12. Beautiful Skyraider Andrew - another I'd love to do. Excellent work.

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