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Heller 1/72 D.H 89 Dragon Rapide

My fifth monthly ‘staying-at-home, no-frills, stash-reduction, build and paint’ project–July edition. (With the off-and-partially on again shutdown I wonder how long to keep this going.)

This is a vintage-1979- kit of an interesting subject. The Rapide is a venerable liaison/transport aircraft, a few copies of which found their way into USAAF service. The passenger compartment was reasonably well done given the scale, but was all but invisible once completed. This was a fun project even though it took a fair amount of filling sanding for its size. A very interesting addition to the display case.

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14 responses

  1. That's a great Dragon Rapide, Dennis.
    It's nice to see old sweet kits built.
    I like this scheme a lot!

  2. Cool to see another gem from the time when Heller roamed the surface of the earth. The Dragon Rapide is not often seen built up. I guess this must have been som VIP-bird with that bright interior. Interesting combo of roundels n stars 'n abars. With lock downs and lockups probably going for another year you will have time to go through your stash, I'm sorry to say. Keep the spirit up, you will be fine.

  3. Nice Dragon, Dennis.
    As you said, an interesting subject, but for sure you made it look beautiful.

  4. Sweet little dragon indeed.

  5. Nice way to reduce your stash ! I should add one of these to my own to-do pile.
    The Dragon Rapide is a beauty . I did not know the US flew them as well.
    Well done.

  6. Nice work, Dennis. That kit is a real classic. Heller really made some great kits in the ‘70s and early ‘80s.

  7. Great work, nicely done!

  8. I love the old kits, I suppose I am still a ten year old modelled at heart, the speed of assembly and the rush to get paint and decals on!

    And also the bragging rights, I have 30 models now and so on how many have you got?

    My school days just about every bit built AIRFIX kits.

    Much to mothers up and down the land annoyance.
    Dust collecters!

  9. Bit, should read BOY.
    Have had only 3 flights in my life, Court Line Tri Star, Dan Air D.H.Comet, both interesting, BUT my 20 minute pleasure flight in a Dragon Rapide at Old Warden was the bees knees!

  10. This one is pretty darn cool! Nice job on this one, Dennis!

  11. This is such an elegant airplane, and your model really does it justice. Heller kits can be a challenge, but can look great with some TLC.

  12. Nicely done Dennis.

  13. Very nice! I have this also in the stash - someday...! Well done.

  14. Very cool subject and great build. I like seeing older kits released from the kit dungeon and built.

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