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Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-23 Flogger

MiG-23MLA 'Flogger-G' (Clearprop 1:72)

MiG-23 is a Soviet third generation jet fighter. It was one of the first Soviet fighters equipped with ‘beyond visual range’ missiles (R-23 and R-24) and its RP-23 radar was capable of ‘look down-shoot down’ mode. Production [...]

Trumpeter 1/48 Mig-23ML Flogger G

The Syrian Air Force had several variants of the Flogger in service. Conveniently I chose The Mig-23ML model of which one landed in Israel and was well photographed. Trumpeter's 1/48th scale model is challenging. The difficulties in the [...]

MiG-23MLD ‘Last Flogger’

My 'Red 06' represents the last Soviet Flogger in East Germany, which featured 4-color camo and R-73 capability. It belonged to 833 IAP but returned to Russia in May 1992 due to the end of the Cold War. Their MiG-23MLD fleet were equipped [...]

1/48 Italeri MiG-23MF Flogger

I wanted to add MiG-23 to my 1/48 collection for a while. Been aiming for Trumpeter but I found Italeri kit for a cheap price. It's not very detailed kit but it gave me much less headache than other Italeri kits I trashed away. Anyway, [...]

On This Day 2 August 1990, Iraq invades Kuwait

I't s a nice sunny hot Thursday morning flying up the California coast to NAS Bremerton, Washington. Just left Moffet topping off the tanks for the final leg of the flight. Pilot, Lt Luis "Ball" Saenz,co-pilot Lt Cdr [...]

MIG-23BM Syrian AF,Syrian civil war 2011-present,1/48Trumpeter

ESCI 1/48TH MiG-27 FLOGGER “D” IRAQI Evaluation Demo Anniversay MIG GB

When the Iraqi Air Force settled on acquiring the MiG-23 to fulfill the air combat role supplementing the MiG-21. They also were evaluating the MiG-27 for the close support role as well. With the Su-22 and Su-25 also being evaluated in [...]

Video: Mig-23MF Flogger B Trumpeter 1/48 Aircraft Model

Review: Eduard 1/48 MIG-23ML Review

MiG-23 Flogger-AAirfix 1/72

What happens when a customer orders you to build a very very old Airfix model, and make it as good as possible? Well, it's time to use all the techniques that you have to comply with the order. I've built a lot of these old school airfix [...]