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Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2 “SHAR”

September 3, 2020 · in Aviation · · 27 · 3.1K

This build have been a WIP for nearly 9 months, going back and forth between the workbench and a storagebox. I had an idea to build a superdetailed SHAR with a lots of aftermarket, 3d printed parts and scratchbuilding. But due to poor engineering and fit issues with the kit, it totally drained my mojo and I ran out of steam halfways through the build...

But now it's finished and even if I didn't make all the modifications that I have planned and some things didn't turn out exactly like I have planned it - I'm still happy with end result (and to get if off my bench) 😀

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  1. Excellent work, Tommy. The SHAR looks pretty nice, to me.

  2. Looks great! Where did you have issues? I built the TAV-8A and really liked it.

  3. It's still way better than the alternatives.

    Very good result, I like it a lot.


  4. Regardless of the problems, the model came out awesome, Tommy. (@killboxscalemodelling) I have a couple Kinetic kits, but have not started them due to the many problems reported. One day when I am in the right frame of mind I will jump in.

    • Thanks, George 🙂
      The kit is not "unbuildable", it's just that I wasn't prepared for spending most of the buildtime dealing with issues. My plan was to spend the majority of the effort into detailing, painting and weathering - but unfortunately it didn't turn out that way.

      It's just not Tamiya "shake-n-bake" 🙂

  5. During a built, those issues can indeed drain all your energy.
    However, when you have finally achieved a built with results like yours, you can for sure be proud.
    Very nice looking Harrier, Tommy.

  6. Looks great, worth all the effort!

  7. That's a great Harrier, Tommy. I am not familiar with the Kinetic kit, only with the ancient Airfix, but I can see a lot of quality detailed work put by you in that build!
    A big like!

  8. Good that you got it done in spite of lack of mojo and all. I really like the final result, like the positioning of the small intakes, especially after reading you started out wanting more stuff added. That sort of detailing just shows it is a labour of love after all. Great stuff.

    • Thanks Erik!
      It sure was a labour of love; I think the Harrier is fantastic aircraft.
      At some point I will build a FRS.1 too I think.
      ...and if there isn't any better kit on the market than the Kinetic I will have to use that 😉

  9. Lovely work Tommy - it looks pretty good to me.
    Well done for picking it up again and completing it !

  10. Great end result and looks really good

  11. That is a fantastic model - love the paint and weathering work. Well done!

  12. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    This build turned out great Tommy !
    Nice work on the paint scheme and the subtle weathering.

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