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1/32 Scale MB 326 K Scratch Build Part 4

October 7, 2020 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.3K

A little update for you guys on the MB 326K, You will see that I have added the drop tanks, front cockpit and all the control surfaces as well as the undercarriage, Main Canopy next and all the covers and wheel doors, looks like I am finally getting done with the Impala's.
I have also added pictures of the Impala Mk 1 in the " Silver Falcons" Livery, the decals are on.

I am pretty happy with the builds, looks good in the cabinet.

Take care during this trying time, and when things get rough... Build another model.


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  1. Fantastic Marc! I know these large-scale scratch building projects take you awhile to complete, but they sure are gorgeous when done, and make for a stand-out collection.

    • They are pretty big, and time consuming, but its great to have a display cabinet with different and not available models, Thanks for the great comment Buddy.

  2. Marc, this is a wonderful model already in every detail. For example, I haven't seen a better canopy to fuselage blending.
    Well done, my friend! Eagerly waiting for your next steps.

  3. Already looking great, even before the final steps.

  4. Another amazing Marc Barris project rounds the final turn and thunders toward the finish line. This looks really good, Marc.

  5. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Beautiful eye-opening of a model Marc.
    Even the paint works look good, very well done my friend.

  6. Good day Marc. As usual you have delivered some excellent eye candy! It seems as if there are no limits to what you can scratchbuild! Well done!

  7. Marc, @marc
    It looks as if you have almost crossed the finish line ! I still don't know how you manage to scratch build a complete model from the ground up... but you do... and it's very impressive.

    Not only do you scratch build model, but your end result is better than some kits that are manufactured and sold in a box. This skill set gives you the advantage of being able to build what ever you want to build, and not having to rely on a manufacturer for something you want. I commend you again my friend.

    Stay safe, and keep up the magnificent work. 🙂

  8. Magnificent. Leaps and bounds for this beautiful Impala. Great modeling revealed.

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