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Red Arrows Bae Hawk T.MkI; Revell 1/72

November 11, 2020 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.6K

Bae Hawk T.MkI

(For the last months I've been busy building long projects and I wanted a quick-build. When I found this old-Matchbox-now- half built and without some parts wreck that some one had given to me years ago, I decided to give it a go.)
I like aerobatic patrols and the Red Arrows were for some time on my todo list. I find the little Hawk quite beautiful and elegant and with their scheme, just irresistible.

The kit was given to me already built but without canopy and other small parts.I love challenges, so...
Other challenge was the gloss painting, something I've never done before.

At the end it turned out (with some flaws) ok. I'll have to try again with a better (and complete) kit.

It's just me or building these vintage kit is something special?

Hope you like.


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  1. It looks terrific, Manuel, so good to see a plane not in camouflage or NMF. Your photographs are great, too. Definitely liked.

  2. It is indeed an elegant plane and your build really shows that, Manuel.
    You gave this old Matchbox kit a great looking finish.
    Agree on the quality of the pictures, especially the one with the mirroring looks nice.

  3. What is better than finishing an already started (and with some missing parts) kit?

    Answer: an an already started (and with some missing parts) Red Arrows Hawk kit!

    This is such a nice result, my friend Manuel @magrus!

    I just love the fact that you went on and finished this already started kit: you are happy to having built it, your friend is happy to see it finished, the kit it self (!) is happy to be completed and we are happy to watch!

    Tackiling old, basic, even half finished kits is a modeling activity I love and I am joyful to see that I am not alone!

    Well done!

    P.S. The Red Arrows used to train In my Air Base (114CW, Tanagra AFB) for a full month (usually April), the last fifteen years. This meant three flights every day, most of them bieng their full aerobatic program, us at the Airbase being stunned! Those were such cool guys, Excellent piolts and a fantastic team!

  4. Another Manuel Magrinho Masterpiece. This looks great, a fine "save."

    I'm so glad I got to see them when they visited North America last year. Back in those pre-Jurassic days (it certainly feels like) when one could go to an airshow with 50,000 other people and think nothing of the crowds.

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  5. I love vintage kits, nicely done!

  6. Looks great! Well done.

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