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“Take’em Down… NOW! ” version 2

November 15, 2020 · in Diorama · · 24 · 2.2K

Although, I’m still working on this diorama, it is 99% complete. Adding a little more details and weathering to certain parts and areas, will bring it to a close. The previous diorama, version one, is no more.

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  1. You're definitely the "king" of burned-out vehicles! Your articles are good reference material for me, great job!

  2. You made that poor technical totally beautifully wrecked! You never disappoint Mr. King!

  3. This is yet another of your wonderful builds, Charles.
    It is packed with amazing details, all so very realistic!
    I kept on looking at the soldiers boots and the surrounding ground, and I couldn't find anything suggesting that it's not 1:1 scale.
    Well done!

  4. Geez, Charles - your work is just mind-boggling.

    The other day, a fellow modeler paid me the compliment that he wished he could do his models at "your level". To which I replied "Hah! There's at least once a week I see something somebody did that makes me consider knitting or stamp collecting."

    This is that day this week.

    • HAHA! wonderful comment Tom...:) Good one. My humble appreciation for such encouraging words. Thank you kindly. Every modeler has that same thought like you. I see other amazing artist and just sink down into my worthless habitat... 🙂 But it is natural. We all want to get to that level of excellence. I have torn apart many builds I've built, just to get to that level, or at least try. It's part of improving ones level to reach that level where everyone wants to be. It'll probably never stop. 🙂

  5. The King returns, great work!

  6. Simply outstanding job here Charles. One of my favorite quotes, and forgive me for not citing the author, "Perfection is unobtainable". With patience and persistence, we can only try to obtain it. In other's eyes, this is it.

    Well done!

  7. Once again I am humbled by your ability.

  8. Some strong work Charles. I like the composition of the boots on the ground with the tech. The use of the red door and the blue oil drum really adds to the visual interest. Keeps the eyes moving and focus on the dio. Two thumbs up.

    • Stephen, you read my mind. I simply didn't want everything to be just a uniform color. So, by using some splash of color here and there, it broke it a little, making the visual effect more interesting.

  9. A real beauty. The thing I really like about this one is the basically monochromatic palette, with a blue splash on one side and red splash on the other, to set off the "life" in the figures against the "dead" vehicle and background. Very cool!

    • Hi Greg. Appreciate your overview of the diorama, buddy. The main reason why I added the red vw door and blue drum, was to throw-off the monochrome look of the entire diorama as a whole. The splashes of color adds a little zest to the overall look.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Just logged in and as I scrolled to see what was in what I call the " FIRST PAGE to this daily MAGAZINE", my attention was drawned too this. With out me seeing from whom it was, I knew
    it was your work.
    A very comprehensive and well thought of work.
    It is so replete with small but very significant details, the viewer has a blow-by-blow visual treat
    in every angle of observance, nicely excecuted Charles.
    Thank you for sharing this work.

  11. I almost missed this, just spotted the prep entry on britmodeller, Charles. Exquisite work!

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