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Academy 1/72 OV-10D Bronco – Desert Storm

December 31, 2020 · in Aviation · · 17 · 2.6K

This is my entry for the group build. I added details to the cockpit - some bulkhead at the rear deck, boxes, cables, ejection handles, etc, knowing it would be pretty visible under that expansive canopy. Nothing extra to the external other than drilling a few vents.

My first time with AK Real Colors - I really liked them. But I'm still new enough to airbrushing that I had a few issues - I need to "overpaint" a bit more on my first color, and then do a more careful job masking so I don't leave gaps between the colors - especially when I'm trying to paint thin over blackbasing to get some mottling showing through. The first color I used for the lighter shade was totally the wrong color so that gave me a chance to go back and clean up some of my mistakes.

The other issue I faces was trying to figure out how to get the airbrush in those tight spots under the wings on the sides of the fuselage and booms. My solution was to glue the booms to the tail section, and then paint the fuselage and booms/tail section separately, then attach. The challenge was then filling and painting the gaps where they join. Didn't come out perfect, but I think it was an overall better solution!

I used kit decals, and isn't known for having great decals! They worked ok, but the combination of those decals and me learning to get a better gloss coat out of the airbrush led to a little silvering - I used the "slash and Microsol" technique to try to eliminate it, and for the most part it isn't too noticeable. Overall I'm pleased, and I'm now inspired to do a Prowler with the Desert Sand scheme (which includes another darker brown to the mix). Coming soon... after a few other builds on the bench are done! Happy New Year!

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  1. Very nice looking Bronco, Greg.
    The way you presented your build looks great.
    Beautiful scheme in a fantastic pose.
    Happy New Year

  2. Looks like you got the airbrushing right Greg (@gkittinger). Very nice.

  3. That is a really nice model. Happy new year.

  4. Great looking build

  5. Greg, @gkittinger
    This looks magnificent and you nailed it. This camouflage scheme is hard to do and get it looking right, especially in this scale. It looks like you are becoming good friends with your air brush.

    Had I not known that you always build things in 1/72, I would have thought this one was a much larger model. It looks that good, especially the details in the cockpit, and the under wing stores.
    Well done my friend. Happy New Year, and I pressed the "liked" button too. Stay safe.

  6. Good morning Greg, thanks for contributing the Bronco, these are quite remarkable Vietnam era aircraft that operated during DS. The Marines really got some work out of them as FAC in Desert Storm, which during that time F/A-18D's started to take over that mission as well. Today 13 former USMC Broncos are now flying for the California Dept of Forestry and Fire as what they were created for, directing fire bombing tankers to their targets. You don't hear or see much about that in the news. You are also getting the hang of that airbrush as well. Well done on a rarely built subject. Thanks for sharing, wishing you a Happy Safe New Year to you and the family.

  7. Wow Greg, this is some neat inflight display, it can pass for a bigger scale easily. Also worth mentioning is the excellent pain5 work and weathering, thumbs up!

  8. Good looking plane. You did a nice job and your display really brings it to life. It really looks like your two occupants would be having a great time flying that plane. Pretty amazing work really for 1/72nd scale! (Any scale really) 🙂

  9. Congratulations, Greg!
    You built a wonderful Bronco.
    What a little cutie!
    All your extra detailing paid off. Also the airbrushiing looks great!
    Happy New Year, my friend!

  10. Brilliant work ,well done Greg

  11. Nice Job Greg.
    We had a private acrobatic display by a Bronco as guests of the US army
    Maneuvering in monte Romano Italy 1979. A real and agile bucking Bronco !

  12. I never had any opinions one way or the other about the Bronco until I saw a video of one taking off. Instant love. It leaped into the air after a short run, then pulled up into a climb at an insane angle, while doing a full roll. The power to weight ratio was amazing.

  13. Lookin' good with the airbrush, Greg. Nice result.

  14. Nicely done Greg, another fine addition to your collection !

  15. Congratulations, Greg - a really stunning build, beautifully displayed!

  16. Nice one Greg. I see these Cal Fire Bronco spotter planes zooming around quite frequently during fire season as there are a couple based near by. Sure is a good looking plane.

  17. Nicely done, Greg!

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