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Ertl IH 1466 1/25

December 1, 2020 · in Automotive · · 18 · 2.7K

So I forked over the cash and bought the last outstanding kit for my collection, the International Harvester 1466 (I couldn't be satisfied with just 2 of the 3 Ertl kits!). Though I've never been a fan of the red tractors, I have to admit this kit looks pretty darn nice in it's Farmall red and off-white paint. It's built straight out of the box as a factory fresh, showroom tractor, no weathering of any kind. The only change I made to the kit was the addition of the A/C hoses from the compressor to the cab. Of all the Ertl kits, this one gave the most trouble, as the hood was in three pieces that had to be assembled around the exhaust stack, and the upper and lower parts of the cab were a bit of a trick to get assembled and onto the tractor. The hard plastic rear tires also took some serious clamping in order to squeeze the two wheel halves together for gluing. It took me a couple tries to get it done properly. Hopefully the super glue holds!

I've now finished my tractor collection as well as my dive-bomber collection. At least something positive came of 2020!

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  1. Robert @robgenev65, what an amazing model and what an amazing tractor collection!
    You don't see many tractors build. They look absolutely cool!
    Well done!

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed you tractor builds, Robert! You inspired me to order tee shirts with tractor manufacturers logos.

  3. Nice work, it's great to see these built!

  4. Yet another good looking tractor model from you, definitely liked. The big question now is - what's next?

  5. You tickled my memories again! Spent many a long summer day discing ground and plowing soybeans on an IH 966 (no cab, no A/C...). Looks great.

  6. I spent MANY hours in both the International and the John Deere. I wish I could find those kits...! Excellent builds, sir.

  7. Robert, @robgenev665
    Nicely done and you have built another good looking tractor to add to your growing collection. Keep them coming... 🙂

  8. Well done Robert and as stated above you don't see many tractors built. Really looks good. And as George stated, so what's up next for a collection?

  9. @tom-bebout I think my collections are pretty much finished, Tom. My shelves are full and I don't really have any other goals in mind for building anything. My son builds Gundam figures, so I may try my hand at one or two of those, but otherwise I'm pretty much done. I'll be keeping an eye on iModeler to see what other folks are up to, though!

  10. I don’t know how I missed this post. Where did you find this beauty? I want one SO bad. Your build looks great. Very clean. Looks like the brochure photos.

    I here you on those old kit tires. I glued my rims together first on my 4440 and getting the tire to fit after-the-fact as a real pain.

    I farmed with more Deere’s than IH, but all our pulling tractors were IH. Great tractors. Tons of power. And easy to crank open the fuel pump. I gotta find one of these kits.

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