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Monogram 1/48 F-80s from the shelf of doom…

January 27, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.3K

Original edition of the venerable F-80 Shooting Stars. I started these two back in the early 80s with he intention of building Minimum and Maximum Goose. I finally finished them using and old set of Aeromaster decals and Model Master Non-Buffing Aluminum. They will be additions to the Korean War Group. They are not contest winners but all in all the end result is pretty nice. TD seat in #1, TD resin wheels on both. Weathering with pastels. Final coat MM Sealer. The helo is next.

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  1. Looking good Clark. Both F-80's turned out nicely and you may have set some sort of a record with a 40 year build from start to finish.

  2. Not contest winners Clark? I'd enter them, and if I didn't enter them and was judging them, I'd vote for them. Really nice work on two "old chestnuts."

  3. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Both of these models look good Clark.
    A very high point is ... their Monogram !

  4. To me both look definitely like winners, Clark.
    Good luck on your Sikorski.

  5. Those are two beautiful P-80s, Clark, really excellent models.
    It really is great that they came along after all these years.

    • Hello Spiros and thank you. Finishing these two was a challenge but the do look good. I wish Aeromaster was still around. The decals helped make the models.

  6. Great work on these, Clark. That’s not one of Monogram’s best kits and you built both to a very high standard.

    • Hello John. I appreciate your compliment. I have several more in the stash and picked up a building tip or four along the way. It's a challenge to build but in the end it look like an F-80. I did used True Details 1000 pounder on both.

  7. that's a nice pair of jets! Well done.

    • Howdy Greg….thank. Next natural metal I plan on using Alclad. While the MM looks good it is fragile and you cannot mask over it. I had to paint the anti-glare first, then mask them off before the aluminum. I enjoy seeing your builds too.

  8. Well done Clark, and 40 years to finish. It was worth the wait in my opinion. Hopefully, you'll post more pics in the future of these good looking builds?

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