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Airfix 1/72nd scale B-25 Mitchell (RAF version)

February 26, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 2.3K

Here's 's relatively new-tool 1/72nd scale .

This was built out of the box as a mojo-restorer and what a cracking little kit it was! It goes together beautifully, is crammed with detail and was an absolute pleasure - even in 1/72nd scale, it still has quite a presence on the bench.

Paints were, as usual, Xtracolor enamels.

Regards to all,

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  1. Great work, Thomas. I’ve got that kit on my short list. It looks like you used Xtracolor faded OD on this. That color doesn’t seem to be available anymore from Kitlinx ( only American Xtracolor source) here in the US.

  2. Super nice Bird and work Tom.
    The RAF version gives an other angle on this iconic aircraft.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. This is a super build, Thomas!
    I love the finished model a lot!
    What a nice way to get tour mojo back.
    Well done!

  4. Lovely work Thomas!

  5. Very nice. You've inspired me to pull out one of mine.


    The one thing I would suggest to those who are going to follow Thomas' inspiration is to get the SAC set for this - a white metal cockpit interior, flooring and such, which provides the weight to nose-sit, since the size of the model means there aren't a lot of ways to get it to sit right.

  6. You clearly have not lost your mojo, Thomas.
    A great looking Mitchell and that OD is very nice.
    Another "Liked"

  7. I too have considered this kit. Yours looks great. Love the RAF scheme.

  8. My favorite style of weathering, the kind you have to look for and once you see it, it can't be unseen. Beats the game of finding the subject through the weathering, I'd much rather find the weathering. The common buzzword for this is "restrained" but it's not that at all really, it's very thorough, just not obviously so.

    • I agree with you John, well said !

    • I appreciate that, John - thank you.

      I often see many a model that's beautifully built, with lots of time and effort gone into correcting flaws with the kit, sourcing after market decals etc. to enhance the 'realism' and 'accuracy' only for final paint job to be totally over-weathered and the whole thing, at least in my eyes, totally ruined. And what's with this craze of fading in the centre of each and every panel until it resembles a tartan quilt? Dark panel line washes meaning the surface resembles a railroad map rather than an aeroplane? I jus don't get it!

      I always keep my weathering on the subtle side as I believe less is more so to speak - something I'm sure a lot of modellers would find rather boring. However I'd rather that than go for the 'this has been parked in the Davis-Monthan bone-yard for the last 75 years' approach.

      • I just checked out some more of your work on here, nothing short of amazing, wow. I'll be going back and reading more, this time I was just drooling at the pictures.

        From what you choose to build, to how you do it, all amazing.

        I've been around awhile, seen a lotta fads come and go, always happier when they go. Meanwhile, actual realism never changes, it's still realism.

  9. Very nice build.

    Yup, Airfix really did a good job with their version of the early 25s in 1/72.
    I built the B-25B and it only took three weeks from start to finish.

  10. Nicely done Thomas, looks good.

  11. Good looking model, Thomas, very nicely finished, and good to see another Airfix kit finished.

  12. Beautifully done! I had the kit in my hands at one of the last hobby shops left on Long Island, may have to go back for it.

  13. Nice clean Mitchell - looks great in those British colors and markings.

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