A 3rd RNLAF fighter I want to show you.

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This time also some WIP pictures and background info. Hope you like it!

During the period 1955–1959, the Royal Air Force (Koninklijke Luchtmacht) equiped 322, 323, 324, 325, 326 and 327 Squadrons at Leeuwarden, Soesterberg (and for a short period at Woensdrecht) with 96 F.4s and 93 F.6s built/assembled by and 20 T.7s from Hawker Siddeley. A batch of F.4s were later reconstructed with the sawtooth F.6 wings and a number of Hunters received launchers for AIM 9B Sidewinders. During the New Guinea conflict in 1960 a number of F.4s deployed with 322 to Biak Island. The F.4s were definitely underpowered for tropical circumstances and later replaced by F.6s, modified to carry four 230 gallon wing tanks for a greatly extended range.

325 Squadron soldiered on from Soesterberg with its Hunters in the daylight low level air defence role (in which the Hunter remained quite effective) until 1968; 322 and 323 Squadrons received F-104G Starfighters and the other squadrons were disbanded. A considerable number of low hour airframes were sold to Hawker Siddeley and flew on with the India, Iraq and other countries. Nowadays, the Hawker Hunter Foundation proudly flies a T.7 and a FGA.9 in Dutch colours from Leeuwarden at many air shows, a fitting tribute to an important and beautiful aircraft in the history of Dutch military aviation.

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  1. Fantastic job and very interesting story, Alfred!

  2. Another great KLu aircraft, Alfred @alfred
    Really nice work on the painting and detailing.
    The Hunter is a very elegant plane and it is always amazing to see it on airshows.
    Your shown Klu aircraft tempt me to add some Dutch aircraft to my collection as well.

    • Thanks John.
      You definitely should consider building some RNLAF aircraft.
      As I am building my 10th RNLAF bird in a row currently (and a few side projects) I appreciate them more and more.
      Also nice to stick to a particular theme for a while.
      I will post planes 4 to 9 in the coming weeks.

  3. Very nice work on this. I take it the kit is Airfix?

  4. Good looking Hunter! Well done.

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