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Trumpeter 1/24th scale Spitfire MkV

February 13, 2021 · in Aviation · · 19 · 2.5K

's 1/24th scale MkV was an interesting build. Out of the box, there's lots wrong but thankfully Grey Matter provide replacement stabilisers (the kit's are moulded fabric-covered), new exhausts and a new seat (but you have the make the armour plate yourself). I also added a few bits to the engine such as the cowling fasteners, as well as the prominent coolant pipework on the right side of the engine running back from the header tank that's completely missing in the kit. The colours of the decals were well off too, so Techmod came to the rescue here.

It's a shame is has so many niggles as it's a kit that goes together really well with no filler needed. Surface details are fairly good, and overall it was a really fun build. I think it probably has the edge over the ancient Airfix kit, but sadly you need to invest a few extra quid if you want an accurate 1/24th Spit.

Best wishes all,

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  1. Looking awesome, Thomas.
    I love the details you added to this build,especially the fasteners to the engine cowling are a nice addition.

  2. Great looking build, Thomas (@vacform). It is a shame that there is so much incorrect in a kit this expensive, but you really made it look the part. I have the old Airfix 1/24 Spitfire, which will be a lot of "fun" also.

    • Thank you, George - I too have a couple of the old Airfix classics. It captures the overall shape of the Spit better than the Trumpy kit, but interestingly when the fuselage halves are offered up against each other, they are almost identical in nose to tail profile.

  3. Nice build Thomas. You've taken that kit to a level fitting of the actual aircraft.

    It really makes one wonder why a company will invest in the research to design and mold a kit and then make such obviously poor decisions . Personally I feel that corporate bean counters have more sway over development than a desire to please the customer. Really a shame.

  4. Nice work as usual, @vacuform.

    Unfortunately, no matter how much correction one puts into this kit, there is the irredeemable problem that the overall shape is wrong, a problem shared with way too many Trumpy kits to list here.

    You just have to bite the bullet and remind yourself that 99.99% of those who ever look at the corrected model won't know that, and the 0.01 are hopefully polite people in awe of the modeling skill on display.

    • Agreed re. your last point, Tom - most people don't know what's 'wrong' with a kit until it's pointed out to them. I must confess, I am usually one of the majority who lives in ignorant bliss!

  5. Excellent build from a " lucky dip" Trumpeter kit. How can they get it right and wrong at the same time?

  6. Excellent job, Thomas @vacform!
    And I agree with Gents above about the kit's shortfalls: pity to exist in a "modern" mold.

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Nice job rendered on this somewhat doubtful Trumpeter kit Thomas.
    Your added touch gives it a good and interesting look.

  8. I think your additions and replacement parts, not to mention your modelling skills, have resulted in a first class model which, despite the shape issues, still looks like a Spitfire. Definitely liked.

  9. Top stuff from you as always sir, nice one

  10. Great build! That is a fine looking Spit.

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