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'What If' Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Early production HK Models

February 26, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 15 · 3.8K

Good day ,

after a long time I dared to show the finished model.

It's a from HK Models in .

Again, I'm excited about how well the model is made and how good it looks. It is a heavy and large piece of furniture.

For the first time, I used Metal Vallejo paints on the model.

I was afraid that I would destroy the delicate and beautiful riveting with paints, but

everything turned out well.

I am happy for Mask, which we helped a lot and which I recommend.

They also helped me a lot (and I used them for the first time) 1:48 Boeing B-17G Early US stars & Markings airbrush mask / HKM from MHModels

The whole model is otherwise without other accessories.

As always, I built "What If", I just like the B-17 that way.

I really like it.

I photographed the model myself and I apologize for the quality.

Regards What If, and please be forgiving.


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  1. Can't say enough about how cool this build looks. Very brave move using a kit like this for a"What if", but you pulled it off. The distressing is spot on and the flak holes look as real as any I've ever seen. I'd enjoy knowing how you pulled them off.

    Great work all the way around. LIKED!

  2. This is a most outstanding build of arguably the best 1/48 B-17. Your paintwork and weathering is amazing and elevates this build to the Masterclass level. Well done!

  3. Excellent build, really nice paint work with the silver and distressed colors. Big plane make big palatte for paint work. Lots of area to draw the eyes attention and also lots of area for potential mistakes. You did great. That Hong Kong Models kit looks to be quite nice, I hope to give mine a try sometime soon. Also nice to see another big 1/48th B-17 here after posting mine a week ago. Congrats on and excellent job.

  4. Great job. I love Vallejo Metallics. A little fragile but if handled properly are no different than other paint. Don't want to be a bummer on your weathering but the exhaust stains at the rear of the wings don't form at the outlets but between the outlets as shown here

  5. A great looking "What if" build, Vandas
    You did very well on the paintwork, especially since a 1/48 B17 is pretty big.
    And your pictures, they look great, no opologies needed.

  6. This is an outstanding build, Vandas.

  7. Vandas, that is a truly spectacular build. I love the weathering.



  8. REALLY well done, Sir! She's a well-worn bird, but still flying and capable of returning her crew back to their base.


  9. Excellent build of the Fort. The paint scheme make the model.

  10. For a whiffer it looks very plausible. Your house guests will never know unless you tell 'em. Hell ya coulda fooled me.

  11. Very nice what-if, I especially like the damaged elevator, sharply made. The only thing that doesnโ€™t look the part is the US insignia blue, looks too light, even considering a extreme weathering exercise like you present in this Fortress. Very nice work indeed

  12. Neat looking "What if " . The kit looks used and abused and the weathering and paint chipping are well done. Given the scale and all of that glass things turned out well. The ball turret is the jewel in the crown. Painting any turret in metal paint with no runs , drips or errors is an accomplishment.
    Vanda's what was it like constructing the kit before paint or the assembly like and would you do it all again if given the time and resources?

  13. ๐Ÿ™‚ ... Greetings ... ๐Ÿ™‚ :
    Very well done modeling in every aspect and a very much commendable work.
    The weathering is very well done and applied, the battle damage is very convincing.
    The photography, well done ... very direct to the point, thank you for sharing them.
    Well done Vandas.

  14. Hello gentlemen.

    I am finally on WiFi and I can thank you for your words of appreciation.

    I know a lot of mistakes on the model and I appreciate your words all the more.

    Believe me, I have tears in my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

    Regarding exhausts - I never noticed this phenomenon. Thanks for the photo.

    The damage is from an old set I've had at home for many years.

    It's on a model from Revell, but it fits exactly.

    Gentlemen, thank you very much again, as always, it was an honor and a pleasure.

    Regards "What If"

    PS: excuse my English (

  15. A real beauty - "road hard and hung up wet" to use an idiom from the American old west! Love the distressed look of her.

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