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Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress – a four-engine heavy bomber that gained immortal fame in an air war against Germany.

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Bombs away

“Flak so thick you could walk on it” . Only over nazi Germany american B-17 dropped over 640,000 tons of bombs during the war. Estimates of German civilians killed only by Allied strategic bombing have ranged from around 350,000 to [...]

'What If' Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Early production HK Models

Good day , after a long time I dared to show the finished model. It's a B-17 from HK Models in 1/48. Again, I'm excited about how well the model is made and how good it looks. It is a heavy and large piece of furniture. For the first time, [...]

Video: Airfix 1:72 B-17G Flying Fortress

Okay, I wasn't expecting to build two B-17's this past year. I bought this in the early summer and the more I looked at the parts the more I wanted to build this kit! I guess in a way I couldn't resist as the B-17 is my favourite [...]

Airfix Boeing B-17E Conversion “THE BLUE GOOSE” in 1/72 Scale

B-17E Flying Fortress serial number 41-2616 THE BLUE GOOSE is somewhat enigmatic due to there being no known photographs of her. What is known is that the USAAF requisitioned her from an RAF order and that she was given a unique paint job [...]

I Remade My Oldest Surviving Childhood Model Kit

An old and flawed kit, but one that has a special place in the memory banks for me - when I was 12 we were told we could have a home made mascot on our desks for end of primary school exams. I persuaded my parents to get me a Flying [...]

Revell's 1/48 B-17F/G Flying Fortress "Mini Movie Memphis Belle"

I'm a volunteer at National Warplane Museum in Geneseo NY. I have the opportunity to work on some the aircraft there. I took a flight on their flagship aircraft in the summer of 2018. A 1943 Douglas C-47 Skytrain named Whiskey 7. A [...]

Review: HK Models 1/48 B17G Review

Revell 1/48 Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress 15th AF

All good big Revell kits come in three ;-D built by my father 4 years ago as part of our still ongoing theme "Airwar over Austria". Revell USA kit with Superscale decals and Gunze/Tamiya acrylics. Regarding that the molds are [...]

1/72 Scale Academy B-17G converted to a YB-17G

After years of building models I knew everything...hum-bug! I found a photo on the web of a "YB-17G Flying Fortress." As lot's of modeler's say: "I gotta have that kit," but there is no YB-17G kit available. For me that [...]

1/144 SCALE REVELL DC-10/30 ARROW CARGO - Last Part

The last part of this model build deals with finishing the panel line's on the aft top section of the model which incorporates the 3rd engine and tail plane. Since I have to roll my masking tape around the engine housing I choose to use my [...]