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Airfix Bf 109 G-6, 1/72

March 26, 2021 · in Aviation · · 15 · 2.6K

This was from an old Dogfight Doubles kit (along with a Beaufighter - coming soon). I wasn't actually sure what model of 109 it was, so had to learn about all the variations to figure out what it most closely resembled. Then did some work to make it conform to the is most resembled. This, by the way, is what inspired my 109 project, and the addition of another dozen 109's to my stash. Gotta love rabbit trails...

I didn't do any work in the cockpit, though I should have at least inserted a rear bulkhead and perhaps an IP. I opened up all the usual holes (exhausts, gun barrels, intakes), added a grill inside the chin scoop with copper mesh, scratch built the DF antenna from styrene and wire, added the pitot, replaced the wing gun barrels, and did some major reshaping and scribing to the cowling gun breeches, which were molded as a unibrow! I also added the wingtip lights/bulbs with clear sprue, and some resin aileron balance weights. There are some additional random notes embedded in the pics.

I had a set of Pronto decals that depicted a variety of 109's turned over to the Italians, with German markings overpainted, that I thought looked really cool. I got ahead of myself and made one mistake on the overpainting, but I'll leave that mystery for you to figure out.

I used Tamiya paint except for the Grau Violet, which was Model Master. I had never sprayed MM paint and secured some advice beforehand. The main paintwork went down ok, but the mottling not so much. I couldn't get as much control with the ultra-thinned MM paint for the mottling and had to do some touch-up work, including some brush stippling like I used to do prior to starting up with an AB.

Since the kit was heavily riveted (like many old kits) I decided not to sand off and redo all that - just make the most of what was there with washes and weathering.

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  1. I like the over-painted German markings. Great job on an old kit!

  2. Great job, Greg!
    Love all the small additions you made!

  3. A 109 of a unusual scheme, great job!

  4. Great job, Greg!

  5. I’ve never seen a 109 with Italian markings. Very interesting paint job. Well done Greg!

  6. Looks good Greg, thought it was a newer kit until I read your posting, plus saw all those rivets. Nicely done.

  7. You did a wonderful job on this Italian 109, Greg @gkittinger
    I like all the the additions you did, especially the wingtip lights.
    How did you keep the transparency, especially on 1/72?
    Well done.

  8. Nice work, Greg. Looks good in Italian markings.

  9. Superb 109G in Regia Aeronautica livery. Nice!

  10. I'll echo Bob. Nice! Oh, and I think your mottling turned out, looks like mottling from here.

  11. Greg, another very nice looking 1/72 scale product off your work bench. I like seeing the way you presented the different scheme with the appearance of the paint over.

  12. Great job on what must be an ancient Airfix kit, definitely liked.

  13. 這麼小的作品有這樣的細節真的非常厲害

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