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April 13, 2021 · in Diorama · · 9 · 1.8K

Since it’s been a while since my last Lightning, I decided to build another Tamiya one. To make it more interesting, I bought the Eduard base for it, some resin figures and built a table. I put resin ammo boxes and a .50 caliber machine gun on the table. I also printed out the Lightning’s design and put it on the table. Since the rest of the diorama seemed pretty empty, I 3D printed a couple oil barrels. Cutting the lid off one, I filled it with resting to make it look like there was water inside. The rest of the barrels I used the hairspray chipping technique on.

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  1. Beautiful combination, Amari.
    Those Tamiya Lightnings are a joy to build and you clearly showed the quality of them.
    Together with this diorama it is an absolute winner.

  2. An excellent diorama, my friend @themturtles!

  3. That's a nicely done diorama! One small tip - you might go just a tad lighter on the chipping/silver application. Focus on natural "wear" areas, not just panel lines: places where crew will walk on the airplane frequently, edges of panels that are removed often, and sometimes on the leading edges of wings and lips of air scoops - that sort of thing. Reference photos are a huge help to get it looking more natural.

  4. Thanks @gkittinger, I will keep that in mind for my next project.

  5. Excellent work. I agree with Greg. Reference photos are you friend. Most of these aircraft saw wear, dirt and chipping on either side of the cockpit .

  6. Nice diorama showing the maintenance point of view.

  7. Great work! What 3D printer did you use?

  8. Fantastic @themturtles I have an older Prusa i3 (SLA) but the resolution you get is very good compared to mine. Great work my friend!

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