North American LT-6D Texan Korean War Monogram 1/48

April 5, 2021 · in Aviation · · 18 · 1.8K

No contest winner,but bought and built.Hope you like it.

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  1. Now that’s one I’ve never seen before. Nice job.

  2. Nice work Marcus. Excellent camouflage. Ironically, I pulled out the same kit this afternoon to work on. I can only hope it turns out as good as yours.

  3. Beautiful job, my friend @mvtb!
    A really interesting camo! I had the great pleasure to follow your build thread.
    Congratulations, you came up with a fantastic T-6!

  4. Followed this build over in the Forgotten War group. Excellent work and a really nice result - a one-of-a-kind look.

  5. A fine looking T6, Marcus.
    Unusual but great looking camouflage.

  6. It was a real pleasure to follow this build in "Korea: the forgotten war" Group Marcus @mvtb. Liiking splendid - I'll hit "like" on my way out!

  7. Excellent colour scheme and great build of this classic Monogram kit.

  8. Looks good enough to make an impression in any contest judge Marcus. Fantastic airbrush paintwork

  9. The T-6 has been in more war movies than folks have fingers and toes. Everyone uses it to represent a Japanese Zero. Seeing a T-6 painted up like this . . . it a practical homage to a painting style of the Japanese. That was my first thought. When in Rome or this case in Korea use what works.

    Its great to see another Monogram classic being finished to perfection. This kit still holds its own with contemporary kits. It makes me wonder why Eduard, Tamiya or Hasegawa have passed this subject over. So many generations learned to fly on the type. I still hear and see T-6's during the summer months.

    Two thumbs up Marcus.

  10. A winner in my books Marcus!
    Great looking Texan.

  11. Wow - I didn't think I really wanted to build another Texan, but after seeing this, I may have to! That looks fantastic.

  12. Thanks for every one of you for your kind support.All the best!

  13. A variation I've not seen, great job!

  14. Nice work, looks great in this scheme!

  15. Thank you Bob,all the best for you.

  16. I’d give it a blue ribbon ! Great job !

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