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1/32 Monogram ProModeler (Hasegawa) Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-4 Trop (Schwarze 1, Oblt. Franz Schiess)

June 7, 2021 · in Aviation · · 28 · 2.6K

This is my firs article on iModeler, so it's a great pleasure to share this few pics with all the distinguished members of this community!

I can't remember exactly when I started this project, but it must have been in the early 2000s. It was assembled and base painted and after that it started a long hibernation in a shoebox... until few months ago, when I felt it was time to get it done.

The kit is indeed the excellent Messerschmitt Bf109 G-6 model that Pro Modeler (Monogram) repackaged in 2002 as a G-4 variant, adding a few parts and extras to get the specific version. Others I added. In summary they were:

  • Wheels with resin spokes (included)
  • MDC resin tropical filter (As stated earlier the kit includes one, but this is FAR better)
  • MG151 cannons in hypodermic syringe tubes
  • HF antenna with Uschi van der Rosten "Rig That Thing" elastic thread.
  • Scratch built bronze pitot tube
  • Old Eduard generic Luftwaffe seatbelts.
  • Several small bits in plastic, metal, etc.
  • 78/79/80 desert base camouflage painted with Model Master enamels (extraordinary!)
  • Weathering effects with oils, enamel washes and chalk pastels.
  • Varnished with the excellent clear acrylics (matte and gloss) from Mr. Hobby range.
  • Decals from the kit, with the exception of national emblems, numbers and tactical markings painted with vinyl masks.

A few words dedicated to Franz Schiess, extraordinary pilot of this plane, Black 1 of the 8th squadron of JG53. He achieved 68 victories in 657 missions mainly on the Western Front and in the Mediterranean theater of operations.

This is his plane while his unit was already based in southern Italy. Schiess had the habit of flying early in the morning to neighbouring Tunisia to prowl the Allied fighters and bombers from there advancing through the North African desert towards Europe.
His last mission was completed on September 2, 1943 (at the age of 22) flying a G-6 similar to this one (also Black 1), when he faced several P-38s over the Gulf of Naples that escorted B-17s bombers.
Never heard from him again...

Thanks for watching!

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  1. Welcome, Oscar! That is truly excellent. Outstanding paintwork and exhaust stains. I don’t do a lot of 1/32, but this kit is in my stash. Thanks for the inspiration to maybe pull it out.

    • Thanks for the warm welcome John! Despite its "age", this Hasegawa kit is still a pleasure to build, very fine recessed panel lines and a decent amount of details for an OOB project (or a perfect base for super detailing). Plenty of interesting schemes to choose too. Give it a try!

  2. Welcome aboard, Oscar. Nice build and presentation.

  3. This is now an honorary member of the "Build 'Em Or Bin 'Em" modeling group here, for having taken 19 years to complete. 🙂 Welcome to iModeler.

    it obviously aged in that shoebox into a fine result.

    • Hahahaa so true Tom. I must confess I fought hard to remove the spider webs from the kanonenboot and tropical dust filter!
      Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

  4. You made a beautiful entry with this 109, Oscar.
    Very fine paintwork.
    Welcome to this community and hope to see much more of your work.

  5. This is an amazing result in all respects, Oscar @panchote!
    Welcome aboard!

    • ευχαριστώ Spiros! I'm so glad that you liked it! I put all my skills on this projects, but once finished, you always know that it could have been better. This is the great part of out hobby. You can always improve the next time. 🙂

  6. Great Job ! I have this same kit wait it’s turn to be assembled. Yours is an impressive inspiration !

  7. Welcome to iModeler Oscar! You made a terrific debut with this model. Although Schiess G-4 Trop has been a favorite of Luftwaffe modelers, yours is one of the best representations I’ve seen. Fabulous work. Feel free to join our ongoing Luftwaffe GB if you want to start another German model kit

    • Muchas gracias Pedro! Just like you, Black 1 caught my eye since the very first time that I saw those well known couple of pictures taken in Sicily. It's a VERY special aircraft, a transition machine in many respects, variant wise and camouflage wise, so it was very funny to build it and to try to replicate each of those small details that makes the difference. I definitely missed some of them...but I'm happy with the results 🙂

  8. Beautiful work Oscar! That is an amazing 109 and an inspiration for me! Welcome to iModeler too, good to have you here sir. 🙂

    • Much appreciated Gary! Thanks for your kind words! It's so great to have become a member of this community and to have the chance to learn from all of you.

  9. How to make a splash and grand entrance . . .

    Oscar, sometimes . . . like the mighty Oak tree things take time to reach perfection. Nothing short of in this build. Looking forward to seeing more of your builds.

    Two thumbs up on this G-6.

    • Totally flattered by your words Stephen. I think most of us seeks perfection on each of our projects, but the key thing here is not to "get lost" in that process, because this stuff is a funny hobby. But I agree with you completely: small details speaks VERY loud and they must not be forgotten.

  10. Fantastic 109 Oscar! I'm just finishing up a 1/72 F in a similar desert scheme (I really like desert schemes), and your finish just looks great. Welcome to the community!

    • I love them too Greg! Can't explain why, but they're highly attractive and also addictive. I'd love to see some pics of your Friedrich. Good luck with that!

  11. Very sharp 109. The paintwork and weathering are outstanding!

  12. Oscar, welcome to iModeler. Your 109 is amazing from all angles, beautiful work!

    • Thanks Bob. I have to make some investments to improve my photo booth, especially new lights to avoid grainy pics.
      Thanks for your kind words.

  13. Oscar - great stuff! I like the sandblasted propeller backside and the dented fueltank - those are great details that sets it apart @panchote.

    welcome aboard.

    • Good catch Erik! I put special attention to those subtle details because they were very frequent in the Mediterranean theatre of operations, so I thought it would add an extra touch of realism to the model. Glad you noticed it!
      Thanks for your kind comment 🙂

  14. Really nice 109, (@panchote). I just finished my first 109 in 1/32, so I can appreciate all of the extra work you put into this one. Well done.

    • Thanks George! In fact the Hasegawa kit is a great base for adding extra detailing with just a tad of effort, skills and patience. I'd love to see some pics of your finished project!

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