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North American F6-D

June 4, 2021 · in Aviation · · 27 · 2.1K

Presented for your consideration is my build of 's D/K in scale. This is the first model that I've built in this scale since I was a teenager. Back then, to teenager me, the bigger the model, the better. Of course in those days, large scale models didn't have near as much detail as they do now.

I wanted to do something a bit different with this model, so I went for the F6-D version instead of a “straight” P-51 D/K. My original intention was to wrap it in aluminum foil (and spray the wings) because, after all, nothing looks more like aluminum than aluminum. I did manage to wrap all of the fuselage, however the foil I was using had a grain that proved impossible for me to buff out. So it was back to the drawing board with a can of Tamiya spray AS-12 after removing the foil (which wasn't that bad).

I had also intended to smooth the wing surfaces out and remove the rivets, but I had pushed my luck enough with the foiling attempt, so I let sleeping dogs lie.

Everything here is completely out of the box. It's a very nice kit with an almost extreme amount of detail. For example, there's a Packard Merlin under the hood and a complete compliment of machine guns and ammo belts in both wing bays. Although I installed the guns, I chose not to open the gun bays up, so I left the ammo belts out for a later if I should decide to go that route.

Also included in the kit was a very nice pair of 500 pound bombs, which I built, but did not display on the model, going for the drop tanks instead.

I'm not sure if I would build another 1/32 scale kit again, 1/48 scale seems to me to be about the right size. I might try the aluminum foil wrapping on a future jet project, whatever that may be (perhaps an F-86?).

In any case, this model was a lot of fun to build and it looks good on its stand in a wheels up mode on top of my roll top computer desk.

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  1. Very sharp Greg! Liked a lot!

  2. Nice work, Greg! I like the finish on this one. In my opinion, foiling rarely looks good.

    • The AS-12 spray paint came out better than I expected. I painted a few panels with Tamiya flat aluminum acrylic with a few drops of semi-gloss mixed in (the strip along the exhaust stacks, for example). The foil was actually looking good except for the grain and the high gloss of the metal. I did a test with a semi-gloss clear coat, which seemed to cut the high gloss and make it look more realistic. You certainly get to know the panel lines when you use foil.

  3. Nice Big Pony, Greg.
    Great looking model, the only problem is having enough room to display them.
    Awesome work.

  4. Great looking Mustang!

  5. Fine job, Greg. Striking!

  6. Turned out nice, Greg. I know what you mean about the foil, I'm struggling with a 1/32 Tojo... definitely liked.

  7. An excellent result, Greg!
    Love the NMF, even if it isn't bare metal foil!

  8. Great result, Greg.
    A pitty that the foil didn't work out as you wanted, but I have to say that your NMF paintwork looks perfect.

  9. High quality build and great choice of markings.

  10. Great Job Greg - lovely aluminium finish - Nice to see the F-6D variant also.

    • Thank you. I think it gives the model a little uniqueness. Tamiya gives you a camera to mount in the fuselage behind the smaller window just aft of the radiator outlet. You can see the lens to the camera through this window, though it doesn't show up on the pictures.

  11. Great work on this.

  12. Greg, Your paint work looks great, and I've always liked this paint scheme, especially when its done this well.
    As for the upper wing surface, I personally like the looks of the panel lines and rivets, I know its not always realistic, but its OK sometimes for us model builders to make our models look better than the real thing !

  13. Looks great - that scheme really adds some zip to it also! Well done.

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