Spanish Civil War...1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109B, 2.J/88 Legion Condor

Built more than 10 years ago. kit with resin nose from , decals from .
Unteroffizier Willhelm Staege, 2.J/88 , Alar d'el Rey August 1937

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  1. Spreitzhofer Flugzeugbau Arbeitschaft strikes again! Nice work, Reinhard. Good to see you "got the word" 10 years back about the camouflage of the first Bf-109Bs sent to Spain.

  2. Great looking 109. I really love these in Spanish Civil War markings.

  3. Great build of this early 109, Reinhard.
    Nice splinter camo for 1937, which RLM colors did you use?

    • Thanks John!
      You often see profiles and decal instructions with 62/63, but that´s wrong. The splinter camo Bertas that were used in Spain in 1937/38 came in standard 70/71/65 camo, which my dad applied.

  4. Thumbs up from me too, Reinhard!
    Wonderful result!

  5. Wow, Reinhard! My favorite 109 done to a high standard.

  6. Hi Reinhard. Great looking model. Testimony to a tangible history. I Just finished reading the Ballantines history of the violent Century. “ The Condor Legion “ the Bf-109 tipped the scales in favour of the Nationalists. Air power was major in Spain.
    Gruesome history.

  7. A really nice looking 109! Beautiful work.

  8. This is an awesome early Spanish 109, Reinhard (@grimreaper). I just finished a Spanish 109 from 1943, so I really appreciate the level of detail and finish on this kit.

  9. Another early model beauty.

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