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Heller’s 1/72 PZL P.11c

July 27, 2021 · in Aviation · · 21 · 2.3K

This is a nice model kit, released this at 1977. It is a small model with fine raised lines and pretty nice fine details all over. I built up the cockpit area a little by adding a cage and small items on the side walls. The wing struts and undercarriage are very delicate but went together nicely. The engine cowlings was a little tricky, I took my time sanding and dry fitting the pieces together to make sure it did not show any big gaps after being glued together. For decals I used Techmod decal sheet no. 72120, I chose "8", 113 Fighter Squadron, late 1938.

I took my time to figuring out what dark Polish Khaki was suppose to look like. Years ago this would have been a more olive green shade but in the past years this has changed. So I mixed my paints with the more resent shades. After looking at my end results, I should have added a hint of olive drab. On my next Polish kit build I will use the Hataka paints. Other than that mostly straight out of the box and a build I enjoyed very much.

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  1. That’s a sweet little build Bob. I built this kit back in the 90’s. I rescribed the panel lines but left the wing raised detail alone. Scratched the cockpit, side radiator, and machine guns. But alas, the color is the olive brown, not the correct brown you have.

    • Thank you and totally agree on the color, a few small drops of olive would have done the trick. Here are some shots of the P.11c in the Krakow's Polish Aviation Museum.

      5 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  2. Fantastic build, Bob.
    Always loved the way this plane looks.
    It must have been very difficult for those pilots to fight their 109 equiped opponents.

  3. Great little build (my favorite scale). Looks fantastic.

  4. Excellent job out of this sweet Heller kit, Bob!
    Color rendition is great!

  5. Very good! You did justice to this old little Heller kit.

  6. I don't think I've seen this kit before. I do like Polish aircraft. Very nice model Bob.

  7. Well done, Bob (@v1pro). This airplane had a really elegant look to it, and you certainly have brought out the best in this elderly kit.

  8. Beauty job of this old Heller kit (my kinda gig) - and great looking finish!

  9. That is a great rendition of this classic model kit, Bob! Awesome finish - decals look like they were perfectly executed.

  10. Nice work on this old chestnut. Great result.

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