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'Make sure you always carry a spare.'

Don't remember where I found this shot, Hmm maybe it's time to do another ..

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  1. I'll see your spare tire and raise you an engine...

    We had the capability on our older 747s to carry a spare engine inboard of the #2 engine. It was known as a 5th pod, and was a production option from Boeing. It could actually be carried on either side, but if it was on the right, it interfered a bit with loading the forward cargo pit. The JT-9 engine and its transport dolly would not fit in the cargo bay, so this was the solution. I believe it was available on the 707 as well. It made for a great trivia question - how many engines could a 747 have? Six, four main engines, the 5th pod and the APU!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. That's a quick way to deliver a wheel assembly to another station.

  3. Great pic, Robert!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very cool, also a great shot of an early winder.

  5. Great picture, I thought it was always time to build another Phantom.

  6. Very interesting, Robert.

  7. Invoking the voice of Capt Spock. "fascinating."

  8. Very cool, Robert (@roofrat). Who knew?

  9. So - you gonna model that? Come on...!

  10. Robert, @roofrat
    Just when you think you have seen it all ! This is a first for me... Thanks buddy, you just made my day. I'm telling ya, one of these days you are going to cause me to drag out a few Phantoms or Century jets from the stash... 😉

    Take care brother, and stay safe.

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