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Hobby Boss McDonnell F3H Demon VF61 Jolly rogers

September 17, 2021 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.6K

Here is another to be added to the shelf. I have in stock an F9-8 panther vf61 with the famous flag with skulls and crossbones and an F8 crusader, I would also like to make a Fj2 / 3 Fury but I can't find the decals, any suggestions?
For now I am in the era of jets but it is my intention to continue with the propeller ones (I have already published The F4U of VF 17)
Thanks for your help

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  1. Thanks Spiros, do you have a tip to get me decals for a jolly rogers fury? I don't find any anywhere

  2. 'Heck' of a job with that Demon Cosgan!
    And an impressive group of Jolly Rogers - I fancy the VF-84 Phantom myself.
    Are you looking for decals for a VF-61 FJ-3 or a VF-84 FJ-3?
    I know FJ-3 Sword kit No. SW 72109 was the VF-84 decals - but that's in 1/72 scale.

  3. Very nice work @costanzogandolfi ! And that is a lovely group of Jolly Roger birds too! 🙂

    • thanks Gary, but I am afraid that I have plunged into a "mission impossible" I do not find neither the decals for FJ3 vf61 or vf84, nor the conversion kit of an f8J in F8C in 1:48 scale. I know that for now I will have to stop at the f9-f8 Vf84 that I have in the pantry.
      P.S. I also have a niece named Nora

  4. Looks great! A fine collection of Jolly Rogers!

  5. Excellent build, Costan @costanzogandolfi
    What a fantastic collection you have, that group picture is awesome.

  6. Very nice Demon, and a great collection of naval warbirds! Well done.

  7. The American Air Pirates aka the various incarnations of the Jolly Rogers are one of the more iconic squadrons of the USN. Well done model of a plane that wasn't successful at all but helped spawn one of the most successful ones of all time (Phantom.)

  8. Nice work on this.

    You would want an FJ-3 (FJ-2 only flown by Marines operationally). That kit is currently made of unobtainium.


    Thank you for honoring the Jolly Rogers.

  10. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    A very befitting piece of modeling and a elegant depiction of the F3 Demon under
    the famed Jolly Rogers guise.
    I always did like the beefy look of the Demon, nice work Cosgan .

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