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1/48 Tamiya FW-190 D – swapped experiments

The first idea with this kit was to repeat the experiment with the painting masks for insignia, which proved to be a total failure. I painted the propeller spinner white, then applied the mask for the spiral, sprayed it dark green – the paint got under the mask. My bad. Painted the whole spinner dark green and then tried the decal spiral – no success. That was it, no spiral for the spinner.

That was the moment when I changed the experiment, put aside the paint masks for another occasion and opted for the kit decals. I am not a big fan of weathering, but this time I tried some AK pencils along the panel lines. It looks dirty to me, but I guess this is what weathering is about. Still have to build another FW-190 D, I really like the RLM-82 green and the slick aggressive lines of this fighter.

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9 responses

  1. Love the final result, George: the weathering turned out very nice!
    I also have no luck with the spinner spirals...

  2. Spinner spirals aren't easy - the trick is to have lots of water on the spinner, don't get freaked when the decal gets wrapped around the spinner and doesn't look right. Use an older (duller tip) #11 blade to move things around, once you have it, hit it with a setting solution.

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. Thanks for remarks and advice.

  4. Pitty about the spiral, George @georgedamian
    In the end your created a beautiful Dora, even the weathering looks great to me.

  5. Cool camouflage paint scheme George, and dirt/mud in the tires is a nice touch. Well done!

  6. I think it looks great, George!

  7. @John, @Joe, @Jeff - glad you enjoyed it!

  8. Nice work! I've tried a couple spirals in 1/72 and haven't yet pulled it off - decals or paint. Some day...

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