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August Von Mackensen 1849-1945

October 22, 2021 · in Figures · · 7 Comments

August Von Mackensen 1849-1945
German Field Marshal

Ebroin sculpt
Oils, printers ink and acrylics
Look at his many world events did he live through?!

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7 responses

  1. Stunning result, David!
    Indeed he saw a lot!

  2. Hi David. Do you sculpt these figures ? Amazing work . Mackensen , a notorious personification of Death. Your work creates Conversation pieces to the Max over what he did in both world wars and in between. A lesson for present times by studying him.

  3. Awesome figure, David @mentaldental
    Great paintwork again.
    Nearly one century of life in which a lot of conflicts happened.

  4. Nice work on this figure as usual @mentaldental.

    As to what Mackensen lived through...

    By 1920, Mackensen retired from the army. Although standing in opposition to the conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles and the newly established parliamentary system of the Weimar Republic, he initially avoided public campaigns. Around 1924, he changed his mind and began to use his image as a war hero to support monarchist and nationalist groups. He routinely appeared in his old Life Hussars uniform and became very active in pro-military Conservative Revolutionary movement organisations, particularly Der Stahlhelm and the Schlieffen Society, advocating the stab-in-the-back myth and openly endorsing the murder of Minister Matthias Erzberger in 1921.

    Mackensen's distinctive public profile, in his black Life Hussars uniform gave rise to two separate Third Reich units adopting black dress with Totenkopf badges: the Panzerwaffe, which claimed the tradition of the Imperial Cavalry, and the Schutzstaffel (SS). In October 1935, the government vested Mackensen with the Brandenburg demesne of Brüssow in recognition of his merits.

    Thank goodness the Germans finally got whacked hard enough in 1945 - although recent events there show that moron stupidity grows like weeds.

    • thanks for illustrating this intense personality. And... he was ( not openly ) opposed to the Nazi rise and remained loyal to the established order of OKH.
      He appeared at the Kaisers funeral in Holland during WW2 in his uniform of the first war. A very principled man of honour.

  5. Beautiful work!

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