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Aleutian 75

Joining the Midway Group Build, I thought a ground subject might offer something different. Given my glacial building speed, a newer release (2013) and low parts count (38 for the gun) would stand a better chance of completion by June. It'll be OOB. First look, the parts are highly detailed and flash-free. I'd thought of building an IJN destroyer, but the parts count and my nil ship building experience ended that dream.

Looking around for a subject, I found the image of a long-abandoned IJA Type 41 75 mm mountain gun on Bing Images, and I had this Fine Molds Imperial Japanese Army Artillery Type 41 75 mm Mountain Gun (No. FM 38) kit in my stash. So, I'll share photos as the build progresses.

Cocoa the Wonder Dog will be my build partner, always effective in not finding parts I drop.

I'd like to credit Bing Images (,, and Yasukuni Shrine) for the photos.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. This looks like a GREAT kit! Looking forward to seeing this one done! And Cocoa is adorable too! (Love dogs!)

  2. "...glacial building speed..." - I like that one. What's Cocoa's breed...?

  3. Now that's something different !

  4. looks like Dacshund- long hair variety.
    I have two miniature dacshunds, both "smooth" or short hair.
    Awesome dogs. Cocoa is very cute.

  5. Excellent choice for the Midway Group Build. Look forward to seeing your build

  6. I have to say this is a very good subject for the Midway build. I've never seen this kit before. I will be watching for updates for sure... (Cool dog too) !

  7. Nice way to add some variety to the Midway build - who'd a thunk of bringing a cannon on wheels to a naval battle...! (I know, I know - that's not quite accurate...)

  8. What a neat cannon! Like our 75 MM pack howitzer. No idea one of these was out, and I'm sorta taken with it.

  9. Hello Jim.

    This is definitely great material for the "Midway Group Build". I really like the photo showing the 75 MM Cannon after sitting in the elements for many years. Notice how the wooden wheel spokes have pulled away from the rest of the rim ? It's almost like Mother Earth is trying to swallow the remnants of this artillery piece too.

    When you can, please start a build thread for this fine addition under the "Midway Group Build".

    Simply go to the "Group" tab, click on it. Once it opens, click on the 75th Anniversary "Battle of Midway" Group Build. There will be a red "New Topic" square. Simply click on that and you're in business. You can post your build there just like you did here.

    You can probably cut and paste your article from this posting. I don't think you can simply move it over though.

    Thanks again, and welcome aboard my friend.

  10. Beautiful headline picture, Bert. Does Cocoa like chocolate by any chance?

  11. Hi George, thank you...that photo sure struck me as poignant.

    I imagine she'd be right up into chocolate, but she's watching her waistline.

  12. Bert, cool idea for an interesting build. Cocoa is getting some fans as well. I look forward to seeing the piece with figures completed.

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