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Monogram/Pro-Modeler 1/48 He-111 H-?

October 14, 2021 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.9K

Latest effort to reduce the pile of kits through building. (Hint- if you want fewer boxes, mysterious A/M bits, and bottles of paint for your kids to bin after you're gone, save 'em the trouble by just having another completed model to stuff in the trash bags.)

Interesting kit in that seems to have been made between the garbage and golden ages of injection moulding. Lots of very nice recessed panel lines, some horribly fitting/thick/distorted clear parts, and wing to fuse joints which beg the question- 'OK- What were they smoking while operating those pantograph analog milling machines?' Plus, some awful, out-of register decals, which I was too lazy to trim.

A bit of a half-hearted build, as turning it into a decent work would have required more time/skill/effort than I had to muster. So, warts & all...

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  1. It's actually a model that goes together well, as you have demonstrated. And to tell you the truth, from a distance of a few feet, it stands up OK to the new ICM kits.

  2. Great job, Stan (@howardcgreen33). I agree with Tom: You have proven that you can make this kit look great. Coincidentally, I just picked this kit up today for a few bucks, so it will jump into the build queue at some point.

  3. I also agree with Tom and George, Stan! You did a great job, the result is very imposing.

  4. Well at least you have put some very nice lipstick on the pig. Great neat as a pin paint job, with perfect marbling showing through. Also, you are a master at exhaust stains. You actually could have beat up the torpedoes more, most pics I see of those things, they are pretty scratched up. They look neat anyway. To lift 2 of them is quite a feat for an old bird like that. They did a lot of hurt to the poor Royal Navy in the Med.

  5. To be honest, your build looks great, Stan @howardcgreen33
    You clearly showed how to tackle the shortcomings of this kit.
    The paintwork looks awesome and the torpedos are a great addition.
    Well done.

  6. I like it! A lot. I have the exact same kit I believe, bought off a consignment table at Kings Hobby in Austin several years ago. It taunts me from the stash stack, saying "You can find space for me..try it!" ? I think it looks great and would be tickled pink to have mine turn out that well! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I beg to disagree with you on this one Stan, you made much more than “a decent work” with the Heinkel. Excellent model overall, including the plexiglass sections and decals. It looks like a genuine complete oob model am I right?

  8. For something that is horrible and made between the ages of garbage and golden years, the painting and the weathering is professional. One way of beating the garbage bag of life is to record, write and photograph your work for the modeling community and then let the kids have it.
    Others will remember your work as being . . . on the right side of the grass. A job well done.

    Two thumbs up Stan.

  9. I see no warts?
    Nope, not a wart in sight.
    If I could replicate your skill, I would be very happy indeed.
    Lovely looking model

  10. Looks great to me Stan. Thanks for the inspiration to finish the one that’s sat 75% done in my workshop since January.

  11. Very nice build, to my eye it looks great but this is coming from someone who likes to build old crappy kits. Still you did a nice job on making the corrections.

  12. A really nice looking 111 Stan, @howardcgreen33, I think your paint work really helps set it off.

    It's a lot of model area, and you did a good job of breaking up the monochromal nature of each of the colors with some subtle variation.

    As for the build I have fonder memories of my build of the kit. I do not recall many fit issues when during assembly and it being a generally enjoyable build.

    I think it was a lot less stressful that ICM's He-111. I like the detail and and excellent engraving of the ICM kit, and the fit is generally good, but making some components so many parts just makes it much more fidely and harder to get everything aligned. The engine nacelles are 11 parts each. I am building the 1/48th ICM He-111Z-1 Zwilling and with five engines, that is 55 parts just to get the nacelles on over the engines. At this point I am not really sure which kit I like better. I guess they each have their strengths and weaknesses.

  13. Gorgeous job man- I have become a proponent of build 'em if you got 'em- meaning I just need to get building stuff sometimes, even if there are iffy detail issues- that way I can enjoy seeing it on the shelf- which is why I got it in the first place. Fantastic paint and weathering on your build! I have a Monogram 1/48 H-22 V-1 carrier (He-111) built which I love: blog , and now am finally going to finish the He-111 desert scheme I have always wanted in 1/48 with torpedoes- inspired/prodded by your build here. I have plans to get it finished during February break next year. I have some USN/USMC builds I want to finish during my Christmas break. Seriously dude, you have done justice to the Monogram He-111 and you have a really great finished kit on the shelf! Congratulations!

  14. Looks pretty good from here, Stan, you must be very pleased with the result.

  15. Nonetheless, built into a beautiful torp-totin' He-111! Looks great!

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