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Italeri 1/72 F-4G Wild WeaselEuro Scheme

November 19, 2021 · in Aviation · · 23 · 2.4K

Another addition to my project - an old kit. I did extensive riveting, and scratch-built the upper rear instrument panel, and I had to close off the back deck of the cockpit, but that's about all the additions to the box except the crew. Milspec decals, AK Real Colors for the 2 greens (though I think the light green is too light - may not use that again), and the grey was a mixture of Tamiya paints. I loaded out with an F-15 centerline tank from a Hasegawa kit, and then put together an asymmetrical mix of ordnance based on several reference photos: The AGM-78 Standard ARM was from the kit, and the AGM-88 HARM, AGM-65 Maverick, AGM-45 Shrike, ALQ-119 ECM pod and the Sparrows were from a couple of Hasegawa weapons sets. I cut the pylon for the ECM pod from the kit pod and used a couple of wire pins to attach to the more realistic-looking Hasegawa pod. The pylon adaptors were a mixture of the kit and Hasegawa weapons sets parts.

This was my first time adding some yellow to the marbling beneath some of the green sections, and I liked the result - I'll do more of that. If you followed my Phantom project build thread, I mentioned how I added compressor blades to the back of the intake trunks. I also did a bit of intake trunk staining for the first time.

The Weasel looks nice in my growing line-up of Phantoms!

Now - what Phantom to tackle next...?

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  1. Amazing result, Greg! Nice add-ons, wonderful painting and weathering! Fooling the scale for sure!

  2. Amazing Greg!
    Great armaments' on this Phantastic Phantom.
    Definitely gonna borrow your turbine blade procedure!

  3. Gorgeous! I love wrap around camou and you performed it well. One heck of a load out. Watch out!

  4. Looks great, Greg!

  5. Again amazing results from an old model Greg. I lost count on how many Phantoms you presented here so far, but then you can’t have too many Phantoms right?!
    Your base marbling work is terrific also, well done

  6. Nice job, Greg. I really like the details on the missiles...very realistic!

  7. Great work, Greg. The lizard scheme suits the F-4 well. The greens look good to me, they weathered pretty fast.

  8. Very mean looking Phantom, Greg @gkittinger
    This scheme gives it an even more agressive look.
    Perfect work on this tiny scale kit.

  9. This is really nice work, Greg @gkittinger. A very realistic result and you got the Weasel loadout exactly right. Not too many people know about the F-15 tank, which allows them to keep it throughout the mission since there are no g-limits on it.

    Air Force magazine gave me an assignment to fly with the Weasel back in 1982. Definitely the best rollercoaster ride ever.

  10. Greg, amazing results, nice add-ons, great painting and weathering!

  11. Phantastic Phantom! A great addition to your Phantom phamily.

  12. Another phantastic phantom Greg, well done, what next, RAAF ?

  13. Outstanding work. I always loved the european USAF camo, the A10 in particular was always a favourite scheme of mine

  14. Excellent paint and weather job. I like the variance of the individual colors from what I can see on the digital photos (I know it is sometimes hard to see on digital.)

  15. Beautiful result from an older kit. Your painting skills are top notch.

  16. Wow Greg! Great work on this Phantom! ?

  17. Greg, Looks great, you've been cranking out some very nice work lately. Keep it up, I look forward to
    seeing some more !

  18. Great build and camo! Especially from that old Italeri kit!

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    said on May 19, 2023

    Nothing like a Phantom, and Euro-1 Phantoms are among my favorites. This is a really excellent display, inspiring!

    • @tankgrrl - I am a Phantom Phreak myself. My dad flew the F-4C & D in Vietnam. I have over a 100 in my stash to's my one weakness 🙂

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        said on May 19, 2023

        Oh wow, respect for your dad.

        See, my friends exclaim when they see my 6 Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom kits.

        When I was little, my dad took me to an airshow near Denver, Colorado, and some state brought a F-4C or -D in ANG markings. You never forget the sound of J79s! I got a printed-foam glider of a Thunderbirds F-4E at the show and I've loved Phantoms ever since.

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