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ITALERI 1:48 Lockheed S-3B Viking

Been a while since I've posted anything, in a modelling funk. This is an Esci/AMT repop. The kit went together pretty well but pay attention to the instructions as mis-numbers several parts; they are pretty easy to figure out though. Another error was that a clear canopy was include and every photo I've seen has the smoked one. An easy fix for me as I swapped it out for the smoked one in their S-3A kit. The cockpit is pretty barren so the canopy hides this nicely. I had to remove and re-position some of the antennae. These things were all over the place so references are needed. I used Vallejo Model Air Barley Grey as it looks pretty close to the photos. I'm pretty much stuck on paint I have in stock due to this COVID thang. Italeri wants you to paint the canopy/glare panel Black but the photo shows Grey; I used Tamiya XF-53 Neutral Grey for this. I used the kit decals and I'm not sure if its my choice of lo-viz paint or their choice of lo-viz markings but they all but disappear. The tail marking...yes...that's singular. Its one piece except for the formation lights. There was no problem getting them into position as they were very sturdy. I got them to snuggle into the panel line but not completely. I made the FOD covers as I didn't feel like fiddling around with the intake seam; not completely accurate

AN EDIT: Remembered a few things that might help others. The main landing gear is a weak point for others who built this kit; there are no positive locating points, just two nubs per gear. The same goes for the landing gear covers, just a butt join. I use this as it provides one with a longish work time before it sets. My landing gear is so sturdy it could handle an actual carrier landing

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  1. Great to see a post from you, George. I've got an old ESCI S-3A tucked away with some colorful graphics. Even though you insignias hid away (the decals look much too light), one thing a Viking is good for is rudder art. Great display on your model, and I like the intake covers a lot (though I normally don't). 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice looking"Hoover"! The intake covers are fine, I've seen them made of cloth, they'd get the parachute riggers to make them. It must be big in 1/48th.

    • Thanks Robert. It is big. I was forever knocking stuff about my modelling area as I was in the finishing stages. I am now dreading my choice of doing the Monogram 1:48 B-29 next; one wing is the size of the S-3 wingspan

      • I can tell you that the Monogram 1/48th B-29 is a really fun kit. In general the fit is very good, of course with some exceptions around the nacelles. The most ill fitting part is the canopy, and I have rarely seen one done well. I have built three of these over the years, and I don't know if it is possible to put enough nose weight to make it sit right. My solution has always been to glue a screw into one of the nose wheels and then put a hole in the display board, and use a nut to hold in place for when I show it. I would remove it from the board for transport, a bit of work but keeps it from being a tail sitter. It is a big bird when done!

  3. A beautiful Viking, George!
    A subject not too often seen modeled.
    Love the chosen camo and the FOD covers look very realistic, Thanks for the additional info regarding some kits inaccuracies and how to deal with.

  4. A wonderful Viking, George @blackadder57
    Engine covers are a great addition.
    Like already mentioned by the others, paintjob and weathering looks great.
    Thanks for the tip on the gel.

  5. That Viking looks like a real aircraft in that outside photograph. @blackladder57 ! The B-29 will be a great project, I’m looking forward to seeing it ! I built it when it was a new release, long long ago.

    • Hi Jay @@ssgt. Thanks but that isn't my model. I try to include a photo of the real thing when I post my builds. The fault with this is you can see how far one is off with colours and markings. Italeri was off with the markings as some were included that weren't there and vice versa,

  6. Very nice George. I really like the Viking. I wish CDF would acquire them for firefighting purposes. There was talk of that at some point .
    And ..You are not alone in modeling funk ! Italeri may get you to that point! Nice models, not always clear cut.
    I have a few parallel builds I would like to finish Up. Also funk creators !
    Thanks for the tip on glue . I’ll look into that.

  7. Good Build. I think your colors look good, but you are right, your low viz markings are very low viz. I like the intake covers, it adds a nice touch to the build.

  8. Nice Viking! I really need to get one built - I think they are such a cool-looking aircraft. I have been debating high-viz vs. low-viz scheme, but this high-viz tail on a low-viz scheme is a cool compromise I hadn't considered!

  9. Looks good, George! Welcome back.

  10. Nice result. The problem is that Light Gull Grey is a different shaded color from Barley Grey, which is very close (as you discovered) to the shade of grey used in the markings.

  11. VS-38! I was in 38 after this paint scheme was used. I was there 2001 - 2003, did the 9/11 and Iraqi Freedom cruise with them on Connie. Beautiful build, love me some round nosed birds with windshield wipers! Well done man well done!

  12. Well done, George (@blackadder57). Thanks for the info on the glue. Landing gear is my nemesis.

  13. Nice work George! 🤗

  14. Nice work on this, George, I really like the low vis colour scheme, and the intake covers help to make it pop.

  15. Nice work on the Viking.

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