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Matchbox 1/72 Spitfire Mk. VIII (conversion)

November 6, 2021 · in Aviation · · 16 · 1.5K

This is 's Mk. IX (Pk-2) first released in 1972. In 1973 I built my first Spitfire from Matchbox and loved it. The one displayed here was made in 1984 and I converted it into a Mk. VIII.

There was a few things I wanted to improve on this build, I reworked the spinner by adding some putty to the front and filed it to a more pointier look, I also bent the four propeller blades back a bit to straighten them out. The original look was all four blades were swept forward too much. Filed out some material on the lower a rear fuselage to make a wheel well for the tail wheel and also made the gear doors. I used the Heller's Spitfire Mk. XVI carburetor inlet filter, exhaust stacks and Airfix's Spitfire Mk. V main under carriage.

The paint I used was Poly-S, used Future for the clear and again Poly-S for the flat. Decals are from Micro Scale.

I was pretty happy with the end results back then. To be honest I would not mind making another today.

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  1. Ah yes, back in the good old days when an "accurate model" was the result of mix-and-match from 2-3 others. "I remember them well..."

    A nice result, given what we (didn't) know back then.

  2. Truly wonderful job on this beauty/oldie, Bob!
    Love the Matchbox kits: nothing better than the feeling we used to get when we were boys, upon looking at those boxes and dreaming. Oh, yes the then Humbrol smell, as well!

    • Thank you Spiros, Matchbox was my go to kits to build back then. I know their stuff was not loaded with much details but they can be built up to something pretty interesting at the end. My paints used in the 60’s and 70’s was Testors and Pactra….in the start of the 80’s I switched over to Poly-s, that brought in a different smell too.

  3. Beautiful build, Bob @v1pro
    You kept it in perfect shape, even after 37 years it looks like being build recently.
    Those box arts really brings back history.

    • John, thank you. This kit was hidden and did not get too dirty or exposed to anything, I luck out with this one. Their box arts were amazing, I also feel the same on most box arts from the 60’s like with Revell or Airfix. Their art work had this dynamic look to them. Hard to resist looking at them.

  4. The extra work paid off with a very nice looking Spitfire , Bob @v1pro !

    • Jay thank you. The extra work usually pays off even if no one else likes it, at least I will like it. This kit had this more petit look that the old Airfix kit did not have.

  5. Another oldie well done, Bob.

  6. It stands the test of time, sharp looking Spit!

  7. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Bob ... you just gave this little oldie a new life and a sharp looking camouflage
    scheme. Well done !

  8. A very nice build of an old, fun kit. Well done.

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