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Special Hobby T-2C Buckeye (1/48th)

November 29, 2018 · in Aviation · · 32 · 3.1K

This is the T-2C , done in a USN high-viz trainer scheme. This mixed-media kit has been around for a few years, so it is not new, however, it is still a good kit, if one puts in the effort to use the various features that are included in the kit. First, the kit is injected plastic, but has a vacu-form canopy, excellent resin parts (the seats are resin), delicate photoetch pieces, and an excellent decal sheet. Except for decals, I used all of the various mixed-media that came with the kit, but I must say that the PE is some of the most delicate that I have ever used. The decal sheet contains markings for three separate aircraft; I was very impressed with the way the decals settled-down, with no silvering. I applied the decals over Testors Gloss-cote, followed by a 50/50 mix of Gloss-cote and Dull-cote to give the model a semi-gloss sheen.

Construction of this kit is pretty straight-forward, but care must be taken attaching the landing gear doors, which do not have any positive locating pins. I drilled and pinned each of the doors, making it easy to atttach them when the time came.

IIRC, this kit was also released by Two Bobs Decals, along with Special Hobby.

Overall, this is an excellent little kit, that looks pretty nice when built-up. I used Tamiya white primer for the white, and Model Master Chevy Engine Red enamel for the red.

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  1. This is a real underdog. Too old, too harmless, too bright, no combat record, too straight winged, no big guns or bombs, not an international best-seller, a whopping 50-year service. But I love the lines, its wide undercarriage and its straight wings. Never built a Special Hobby model but you certainly made a good job. Nice colours and it looks seriously busy.

    • Stellan: Yes, the T-2C is one of those unsung heroes; it doesn't get a lot of love, but it trained a lot of USN pilots for a long time. Thanks for the warm comments, I appreciate them.

  2. Marvin, congrats. You´ve done a very good job on this not-so-easy kit. I love this clean, bright training bird. -liked-

  3. Like Stellan, I feel the Buckeye is under appreciated. She has great lines, a lot of interest, and I think the colour scheme looks terrific.


  4. Hello did a fine job with that congratulations on a build well done.

  5. It’s a fantastic model, looks excellent from here. I’ve always liked these High Viz schemes, yours is a jewel

  6. Marvin, I always enjoy a nice "Marvin" production. This is really cool, great scheme, and very well done. I like it a lot !

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Very nice, clean and sharp build Marvin. Those pictures really do a nice job … the colors stand out just perfectly. Very nice job.

  8. Really nice work here. I have never ever been able to figure out the appeal of this airplane, but I remember seeing one on the ramp at North Island NAS when I was a young sailor mumblemumble years ago and thinking it looked "cool." It still does, and your rendition is "ubercool". Thanks!

    • ToM; The T-2C is a unique-looking aircraft, for sure. I guess the design works pretty well, because the plane has been around for quite awhile, and has trained a lot of pilots.

      Thank you again for your kind words...I appreciate it.

  9. A great-looking model Marvin! I too love the T-2 and have a couple of them in the stash to build - one like yours and one in Greek colors. The T-2 is what the Skynight should have looked like!

    • Greg: Thank you for the compliment...I appreciate it. Now, you have to break-out one of those kits in the stash and start building.

      The only F-10 Skyknight I ever saw was while I was TDY at Holloman AFB. The F-10 taxied by and I saw "US ARMY" marked on the side of the fuselage.The F-10 was all-white, and was unmistakeably a Skyknight. Kinda rare, I guess. This was in around 1970, or so.

  10. If only you could find a brighter colour scheme...

  11. Very well-done. Looks like a 1X1 to me. Perfect.

  12. Hello Marvin,
    Excellent job on this very reliable workhorse.
    Regards, Dirk

  13. Great job! One of my favorite jets to model. I waited for ever for a company to release this jet in 1/48. When Two-Bobs 1st released news of this kit I pre-ordered it and waited forever to get my hands on it. Your really nailed the build demonstrating strong modeling skills. If you look up my Blog on this site you can see many pictures of my T-2 build, same kit. I really need to build another sometime soon. Maybe the 1/32 version next. Your is nice and would of been flown by the wing or squadron commander. Mine was really beat up and sun worn so it was flown every-day by the students no down time for painting and cleaning...LOL.

    3 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  14. Thank you, Paul...your comments are appreciated. I see that, you, too, have a liking for the homely Buckeye. I like the diorama setting that you did for yours.
    I have had this kit in the stash since it first came out, so it has lain around for awhile. Even though it is a relatively simple kit, the mixed-media can be a little tricky. this kit is not for the faint-of-heart, that's for sure. I finally got up enough courage to build the kit, and it came out OK.

    Thanks again.

    Merry Christmas, Paul.

  15. Excellent build of a Navy icon. The one thing I have noticed about the T-2C Buckeye is that the plane form resembles Northrop's F-89 with the low slung intakes, tip tanks, straight wings and high T-tail. This design started and was built in 48.
    As for the kit appears to be a smart,tight build and given the pedigree of being a multi media kit and getting things to come together and work its a job well done,well done indeed.

    Two thumbs up.

  16. Thank you, are most kind.

    Yes, I have several old kits of the F-89 in the stash, just waiting to be built. They have to be rescribed, so it will be awhile to get any of them done. I, too, like the look of the's size and shape are unique.

    Thanks again, and Merry Christmas Stephen.

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