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Classic Kit: Revell 1/72 Junkers JU88A No. H-113 1967

January 25, 2022 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.5K

This is an old build of one of my favorite models from . It was issued in 1967 and Revell took it's measurements off the real aircraft at the USAF Museum. That is why it can also be built as a D version since the one the USAF has is a D model. Maybe that explains why the A version does not have dive brakes.

It is molded in a light blue. The clear parts are thick but they fit. Decals are good for the time and snuggle down nicely. On my model I found a sheet with a JU88 with yellow cowls. They could have been ESCI but I don't remember. It is painted with Testors, Gunze, and Tamiya paints. I did rescribe this model which was not hard to do. I used tiny strips of decal film painted in the correct colors for the canopy and nose framing. It worked.

So here is my version of Revell Ju88 given a proper paint job compared to my first try at 10 years of age. Then only the tires and props were painted gloss black with silver landing gear. It didn't need to nose cone either on it's diving attacks on ants.

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  1. Nice build! I love these vintage kits. I'm always debating whether to build them or collect them. Nice that you have decided to built and that we can admire this great model

    • Thank you Andreas. I solved the problem of collect or build simply by getting a mint copy for my collection and another to build. I'm always looking to upgrade kits in my collection, especially if they are in mint condition. Best source for me are model shows or online stores and as a last resort from eBay. I built the Revell JU88C nightfighter as well. I painted all black. I'll post photos of it later. Thanks again for your comment.

  2. Really nice build! I'm impressed!

  3. Another looker, David! Always good to see these old kits getting built.

    So, what was the exclusive record offer? When I find those in old kits, I'm sometimes tempted to send them in to see what happens...

  4. Nice job on a classic kit!

  5. Nicely done David, as usual I love the old kits builds! Great job.

  6. Very nice result, David @thevid
    Those oldies can still be build into a very fine looking model.

  7. Excellent result out if the vintage Revell kit, David @thevid! It is really wonderful to build old kits and finish them in such a high standard! They just look superb "side by side" with the same kits built when we were youngsters. Those early builds we did when we were young, partly painted, maybe with glue oozing through the joints, were absolutely excellent models in their own way.

  8. Excellent work , David. It turned out very nice.

  9. I enjoy building up the old vintage kits - this one was nicely done! Keep it up.

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