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Donor kit, Airfix MRCA Panavia 200

January 12, 2022 · in Uncategorized · · 8 · 1.3K

This old kit donated various parts to other builds, First the swing wing assy. for a Phantom proposal. second ejection seat for COIN F7F whatifer, third seat/cockpit and exhaust for a Lindberg Mig21. and last the nose for the Matchbox T55.I also used it for decal and paint try out. it was so useful that I decided to build up what was left of it.

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  1. A noble sacrifice indeed.

  2. “ waste not, want not”.
    That’s a crazy looking F-4.

  3. Man, that Airfix kit has taken its fair share of shots for the team.
    Need to agree with Jay above, that F-4 looks very interesting - kinda like 'F-4 meets MiG 23'

  4. Mcdonell Douglas came up with the design in case the F-14 fell through. It only got far as some drawings being made.

  5. A phantom swing wing, what an amazing idea, Robert @roofrat

  6. This is really a great idea, Robert!

  7. You are a hard-core modeler! Any styrene that can be glued together SHOULD be glued together!

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