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Airfix P-40 Warhawk 1:48

February 10, 2022 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1.2K

Here comes my first build of the year. I've always found the kits to be comforting, as long as you accept with an open heart whatever lies ahead. I mean they are really enjoyable.

There was nothing special about this build, everything went smooth. Used some Eduard seatbelts, Tamiya paints straight from the bottle no fancy mixes, then a clear coat and a pin wash. After a flat coat I tried again the oils blending along the panel lines with Abteilung 502 sepia. And now comes what's new: after another flat coat I used the new Ammo acrylic filters (yellow green). I cannot say that I discern some special tint or hue but something I see for sure: the filter somehow brought together the oils and the main coat, some kind of smooth transition. Something I'll definitely use again in the future.

All in all another keeper for my collection.

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  1. Very nice. That yellow green wash adds a nice "weathered but not too weathered" look. Those acrylic washes from Ammo underrated in my opinion. I use them quite a bit on Sci-Fi kits. You are right about Airfix kits. Just assemble them out of the box and have a good time. For me this actually goes for almost any kit. Once I stopped worrying about every little detail and shape on a model this hobby became much more enjoyable. Have a great day.

    • Once I stopped worrying about every little detail and shape on a model this hobby became much more enjoyable.

      So true. Also to avoid the ones that nothing can rescue.

  2. My favourite kit from Airfix! The colors are just beautiful, i need to try out these filters as well. Beautiful build!

  3. Handsome plane and model work. The washes tip is something to be explored further on my end.
    Thanks for posting

  4. A very fine looking P40, George @georgedamian
    Paintwork and weathering is indeed superb.
    Well done.

  5. Excellent job allover, George!

  6. Beautifully built Warhawk. Thanks for the detailed description of the painting techniques used.

  7. I have this kit and I'm looking forward to building it, but the sliding canopy was broken in my boxing, and I need a replacement. I keep hoping I'll find a loose clear parts tree for sale on eBay.

    I really want to display the Hawaii version with my Pearl Harbor Akagi A6M2.

  8. Very good build and weathering!

  9. Every once and awhile I'll see something that grabs my eye, something that my eye tells me is just right. This model is one of those things, don't know why and don't have to. I am very impressed by your superb work here sir

  10. That looks great! The P-40 wore so many gorgeous schemes that the early OD pajamas can seem quite plain, but your paint work really made it interesting. I may have to give those filters a try. I generally use a weak oil filter, but I imagine the acrylics are nicer to work with. I'll have to try them out.

  11. That's one of Airfix's best kits and you've done it proud. Terrific!

  12. One of Airfix's best, as others have noted, and a really great result, @georgedamian.

  13. Scott, Felix, Bernard, John, Spiros, Jay, Steven, Lis, Mark, Greg, Eric, Tom - thank you guys for stopping by, glad you enjoyed it!

  14. Excellent job on that P-40 George, really like the paint and weathering you've done with this model. It just looks right to me, but I have a question, did you forget to do the antenna wires?

  15. That is a really nice model and I think I have that one in my private stash. Very inspiring build.

  16. Great job George. Your P40 looks terrific! I built this kit around a month ago, and also had a great time.

  17. Nice work George!

  18. Great looking P-40 George @georgedamian! ? They are always a cool lookin' bird with that built-in headwind! ?

  19. that is a great looking P-40. I LOVE the finish!

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