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1/48 Tamiya P-38F 95th FS

April 23, 2022 · in Aviation · · 7 · 1K

Fresh off the bench the awesome P-38F . Fished in markings of the 85th FS Vcenzo, Italy May 1944 , Model finished with Mr color paints, Tamiya LP paints and Fundekals secals

64E309BA-D19E-4630-BFD1-92BCB95AA66B by b007scott, on Flickr

11351D8B-C6C9-4DDF-B497-4A674B56C897 by b007scott, on Flickr

3401C56E-741D-4B41-A0A1-97BEFDF2DA6C by b007scott, on Flickr

D77E82EE-908E-4319-8411-0A7F1ED15A0D by b007scott, on Flickr

6D983AF4-EB4E-45DE-B089-89800BC767E0 by b007scott, on Flickr

791BF8B0-83DD-4FB4-BE0E-2CCC1055BA23 by b007scott, on Flickr

9852F818-A121-474A-977A-8209A2C8147C by b007scott, on Flickr

6EE37E16-D6CE-4EEC-B272-287F87594469 by b007scott, on Flickr


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  1. A superb Lightning, Brian @f-104nut
    You definitely got the most out of this beautiful kit.
    The scheme with the red nose and propellor cones give it a special look.
    Thanks for sharing your progress in the WIP thread, it was a pleasure to follow.

  2. A wonderful result after a great build thread, Brian!
    A joy to watch!

  3. G'day Brian (@f-104nut),
    I was watching your build log and all of a sudden you a finished.
    This is a great build and scheme.
    I have a P-38G in the stash and I was looking at how easy and quick you build was - I'll have to put it up the build list.

  4. Very nice, Brian!

  5. Lovely. I think you nailed the "olive drab". Did you use a Tamiya rattle can or lacquer jar?

  6. Brian, I just saw one just like that !
    Hey, looks really good, I like it alot !

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