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Classic Kit: Airfix #387 1/72 Junkers Ju 88 A-4 Tweaked Just A Bit

April 8, 2022 · in Aviation · · 22 · 1.6K

This is original Ju88 molded in light blue plastic. Since I've built the Revell 1960s version I decided to give this kit a go. First off the clear parts are not. They are thick, scratched and difficult to mask. That left me with no alternative but to make vac-form copies of the canopy and nose. I also used wheels from an AMT JU88. On models like these I prefer to use thin strips of decal film painted in the correct color.

So here is Airfix's original JU88 complete with swollen nacelles. 🙂 With some patience and modeling skill it can still be made into a presentable model.

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  1. Yep - have this same kit built up in my cabinet! Nice build.

  2. Very well done, David. Your outdoor photos look fantastic. All good.

    • Thanks Bob! All the photos were made indoors in my little studio with a high power hot light. Back ground is courtesy of Tim Prosser, the best model photographer anywhere.

  3. Nicely done David, 'You got'em...Build'em" I always say.
    You got me checking out Vac-U-Form kits on Ebay now.

  4. Nice. I just started the same and will follow you tips.
    I never vacuum pressed clear parts . That will be interesting !

    • Bernard,

      Thanks! As for vacu-forming, it is a trial and error process and can be frustrating at first. Try the squash method first. Squadron sells, or used to sell, clear plastic that one heated over a candle or hot plate and then when soft one squashed the soft plastic over the pattern. The pattern is mounted on a dowel of something so that one can pull down to form the copy. I've used that method successfully.

  5. Yet another spectacular build, a jewel emerging from the classic Airfix, David!

  6. You clearly showed that this oldie can indeed be turned into an amazing Ju88, David @thevid
    A true gem.

  7. Nice work, David. I built one of those long ago too.

  8. Well done David, that old kit turned out quite well.

  9. Thanks for the reminder we do indeed live in a golden age today.

    • Indeed. I have the latest kits from Zvezda, Revell and Hasegawa and will eventually build them, but right now I'm interested in the history of our hobby as represented by the early kits from the 1950s and later. My aim is to show the progression of model airplane kits from these old kits from my youth. Also I have a huge collection of these kits that I don't have to spend anymore money on.

      BTW, what color do you use for USN blue gray used in 1942 schemes? Thanks Tom.

  10. Wonderful job on this golden oldie David !

  11. Very nice David! Both the old Airfix and Frog could not get the engine nacelle the right size back then. I guess that is why I leaned towards the old Revell kit. As usual, great job on bringing out the best from these old kits.

    • Hi Bob,

      Your are absolutely correct about the engines. I think that FROG's kit is even more inaccurate than the Airfix kit. I agree with you on the Revell version. I've posted my build of the Revell kit before so here's an encore.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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